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I ordered a plant arrangement from Wesley Berry for my brother's birthday. I chose an arrangement housed within a class planter so that his cat could not reach the plants.

At the last minute rec'd email that they could not deliver in time. The plant delivered (late) was not the one I ordered, it was late, company will not return emails or phone calls. My brother's cat has been eating the plant because it is not housed in the glass planter I requested; also, the plant may be poisonous to the cat.

I disputed the charge on my credit card. I'm not paying for it and will not use them again.

Monetary Loss: $65.



Extremely disappointed in a plant that was delivered for a funeral. Did not even have the right plants in the arrangement and much smaller than I saw on line.

Got a 50% refund and tried them again.

Sent 2doz. roses to my mother in the hospital and every one who came in her room said "who sent the dead flowers".

I will never order from them again.m7


I was also very upset and disappointed by this company. They emailed me the day before Mother's Day saying they probably couldn't deliver the bouquet.

I asked them to please deliver as this was important since my mom's brother has just passed away and I was living abroad.

They cancelled my order that morning and have done nothing to make it better. I encourage everyone to go with a different florist.

Thank you all for leaving these posts...I was in the middle of entering my credit card information to purchase what looks like a beautiful arrangement...the computer suddenly shut down and I stumbled upon this site while I was trying to get back to the Wesley Berry site.

I am sorry to hear about all of your poor experiences. :(

Never in all my years have I ordered flowers from such an unprofessional operation. I ordered a spring arrangement for same-day delivery and THANK GOD I called an hour later to follow up on my order.

At that point they informed me that they would NOT be delivering same-day due to "computer problems". Had I not called I never wouldve known they would be a day late. Within 24 hours of delivery the roses I ordered had completely fallen APART! WHAT???

I paid $65.00 for a mid-sized arrangement that didn't even last a whole day upon delivery. Never again, Wesley Berry...NEVER again.


I was going to order flowers for my girlfriend but thanks for the heads up



I ordered the deluxe chocolate basket for my daughter in law's birthday. The order cost about $85.00, and then I got a $20 credit with an on-site coupon. Their photo shows higher-end chocolate (Ghiradelli (sp), etc.). I swear, she received a crappy metal bucket, with about 10 candy bars taped to plastic stakes (that are normally used to hold the card).

The candy consisted of one to two of each: Butterfinger, Reece's Cups, Baby Ruth, Grandmas Cookies, and a Nestle's Crunch. It was a hillbilly job! It looked like a second grade child had made it. I was shocked.

I contacted Mike, the supervisor and told me that he would send a coupon for my next order and then contact the florist who sent it and try to get it resent. Well, after about a week, I assumed it had been re-sent, but it had not. I had to call them 5 times and leave messages for their customer service to call me, but they never did. When I called W-B, the 6th time they told me the florist who made the arrangement would not re-deliver.

I guess they planned to never call me to let me know. I am an *** for not reading the reviews.

I will not make that mistake again!!!! IF THEY SENT ME A $1000 COUPON, I WOULD THROW IT IN THE TRASH!


Absolute joke! I am apparently getting a refund...time will tell, I have advised them if the deliver them now they will be turned away...3 days late!! terrible


Like the last person who commented. I really wished I had read the reviews before I used Wesley Berry. I ordered flowers to be delivered to a friend in the hospital. After finding out he had not received them, I sent an email and was told they would be delivered first thing the next morning, but that afternoon I discovered again that they had not been delivered. When I contacted Wesley all they said is that they would refund my money, no explanation.

I used my debit card to purchase and wonder if I will ever see my money? Does anyone know how I would go about a refund since I cannot get confirmation from this florist.

Very disappointing!

High Springs, Florida, United States #239577

I wish I had read these reviews before ordering from this place. I have never before dealt with a company that cares as little about customer satisfaction as this place does.

The flowers that were delivered were not even close to the the picture I ordered from and they could care a less about making the order right. They offered me a 30.00 credit against my next order (why would I ever order from them again??) or to PICK UP the original arrangement and deliver another one. How tacky!!!

I reluctantly took the measley credit (not even the full amount I paid...they refused to refund me) and when I went to use it against another order, found out I could not use it in combination with their web specials. All of their arrangements that are initially overpriced, are already marked down with a web "special" of 20.00 and I cannot add my 30.00 discount. It will only discount me 10.00 additional dollars so I am forced to spend a lot more money to send out another arrangement. The customer service people there could care a less about making things right and managers refuse to come on the phone to help resolve the issue.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! They are a huge rip-off!


They haven't improved, to be sure. Just terrible.

Ordered flowers for Christmas to a city they had on their list for shipments. Christmas Eve came a notice stating they couldn't deliver until after Christmas, but there'd be a letter of apology and an upgrade (I paid for the premium arrangement -- not sure what an upgrade could include). December 27th came a note stating the order would be delivered that day.

December 28th came a notice stating delivery would not be possible, and that they'd credit my Visa. PLEASE TELL ME WHY ANYONE WOULD WANT TO ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE?????

Amen Sister
Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States #228225

This company took my money for my mother's birthday flowers. The day the flowers were to be delivered, I received a morning email from the company informing me the flowers had been delivered to her.

I waited an hour later, called my mother to find out that no flowers were ever delivered! I called the company. Spoke to Cody in Customer Service who told me someone would call me back immediately to resolve the problem. No one called me.

I saved every email I sent to the company inquiring about my mother's flowers. I finally received two emails from the company at 6:30pm! First email said the flowers were NOT delivered and couldn't be and I would receive a full refund. The second email was from Tammy Manzella that she was sorry that my flowers were not delivered and how she waited until the end of the day to tell me!

She told me I would get a full refund. Guess what? My mother's flowers were never delivered and still do not have my money! I am contacting the bank to open a dispute.

Have you or anyone else you know have this experience with this company? I recommend every angry consumer to contact Better Business Bureau (Google them), file a complaint agains this company, then contact your state's Attorney General's office regarding fraud and consumer affairs. You can find out more about this company by entering the company's name in the Better Business Bureau's website.

It will tell you the name of the owner, Daniel, and contact information regarding his businesses. It will also show you the amount of complaints made against this company in the last 36 months, you will be shocked!

Diseworth, England, United Kingdom #183039
Never use that Wesley Berry flowers place , the only fast thing they do is to take your credit card ,and never send you the flower in time.... :( Very bad customer service.

I ordered flowers from Wesley Berry for my Grandmothers birthday, guaranteed they would be delivered on a Sunday. Sunday afternoon I recieved an e-mail saying that they were sorry they couldn't be delivered but would be upgraded and delivered next day.

I called to cancel my order due to lack of guarantee. I was told my credit card would not be charged, and sure enough it was! Over a month later...I've been on the phone every other day requesting to talk to a manager as to why they keep saying "your card will be refunded now, i'll take care of it" and going online to check my account and nothing has been credited. I have given up calling Wesley Berry and called my credit card company to dispute the charge.

They have the worse customer service and wouldn't recommend them to anyone! NEVER ORDER FROM THEM!


Wesley Flowers also charged me for a fruit basket that was undelivered. They said that the local flower shop refused to make/deliver the fruit basket unless I paid additional money and extra for delivery.

I refused to pay more and then Wesley Flowers called and said that the delivery was going to go through. Well, after more than a week without hearing from my friend, I called to see if the basket was received and it was not. My credit card had been charged and when I called Wesley Flowers, the rep blamed it on the local flower shop and said the best they could do is refund my money.

Also blamed the employee who handled my order who was no longer employed with them because of such bungling.

After reading these reviews, I will cancel through my credit card and not wait for Wesley Flowers to refund.


Don’t buy flowers from Wesley Berry. I sent my Mom some Mothers Day Flowers that never arrived.

Called Wesley Berry 6 times, spoke to 6 reps who promised I would get a return call that day. A big waste of time and huge disappointment.


I ordered flowers for my mother on Mother's Day. The website indicated a Friday-prior-to-Mother's-Day delivery, and I even paid extra to ensure they were on-time.

The flowers were never delivered!! I never received any emails, calls, or any indication that they didn't make it until I called my mom to ask why she hadn't said thank you yet!!

It was embarassing to not have anything else for my mom on her special day. I will NEVER use this company again-- neither should you!!


i feel wesly berry is a scam. they lied ans said the flower shop that delivered flowers messed them up with wrong order and message was a mess.

their service was terrible. worried more about getting back the wrong flowers then getting right flowers to the person. so i got a whole of the local flower shop myself after a week of arguing with wesly berry.

found out from shop that deliver flowers wesly berry sent then wrong print out. mistake or scam you decide i had flowers sent to friends last fall and my friends never called to say thanks wonder what they got now but to imbarress to ask them 6 months later.


This place is *** GARBAGE!!! All I got were pathetic excuses and empty promises.

Waste of my hard-earned money and time I'll never get back. I expect a LOT more if I purchase an arrangement over $160!


Ordered Sunday delivery, they didn't do so I called and the after hours service is terrible. I asked for a refund and they took info and management was suppose to call back.

They never did, then three days later flowers showed up after I stated didn't want. Had to call my Credit card company to get a credit.

Will never do business with again. Use to shop in store all the time without issue.


I too am very upset with the Wesley Berry Florist. Never delivered my flowers to wake that was only for one day.

I ordered the day before. I emailed them to see if the flowers were delivered and they told me they couldn't let me know until the next day. Today I found out the flower arrangement never got to the funeral home. Very upset and very angry with myself for not checking them out first.

I was in a hurry to get the flowers sent and they looked legit, boy was I wrong.

Never again. I will dispute the Amex Charge if they dare to put one through.


I too have had a very poor experience with Wesley Berry. There has been no response to 4 emails and 2 phone calls.

It is a terrible company with zero customer service and they mustn't be concerned about repeat customers at all. I wil never use them again and have been very vocal in letting everyone I know about the poor service.

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Wesley Berry Flowers fails to deliver


Wesley Berry Flowers is an online flower service. I ordered an arrangement to be delivered to my mother in law for mother's day, and placed the order on the Friday before.

She did not receive the flowers on Saturday as scheduled. She received the flowers on Monday following mother's day. An e-mail to their customer service was not answered. A phone call the next day resulted in no call-back. Finally, today, I reached their customer service department.

I was told that since she did receive the flowers (late) I could not receive a refund. They said they were overwhelmed with orders and are still delivering Mother's Day arrangements. (This is Friday after!!) When ordering the flowers on Friday before Mother's Day, there was no indication that they would not be able to fulfill the order as placed. I am totally underwhelmed with this level of customer service and will not use this firm again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Arrangement.

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