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Company: Wesley Berry Flowers

I received 6 white tulips from my boyfriend today, Monday, 2-13-12 (were supposed to arrive on Valentines day, tomorrow) ...AND were SUPPOSED TO BE RED ROSES.

OH, and by the way, the tulips are DEAD - 3 Broke off (due to being frozen) and the other 3 are pointing downward trying to die in peace Also there is one purple crappy flower thrown in there, as well!I called and they will not refund the money; they will send me more flowers (ALREADY EMBARRASSED and do NOT want more flowers from this company, no manager will get on the phone with me, contacting Better Business Bureau)!

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $60.


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Wow that's terrible. Thanks to you and other reviewers, I would never use this company, ever!


Wesley Berry employees are all scam artists...doesn't matter if they're related or not..."mom and pop." I filed a complaint with the BBB.It does no good.

I was on Ruth to the Rescue right after Valentine's Day.



Update: After MUCH EFFORT...and contacting Teleflora and FTD, it appears Teleflora was the most effective!

They have succeeded in getting Brian a full refund :zzz The Better Business Bureau didn't do #$@T! They never so much as responded to my complaint; what's up with that?

(maybe should address that on another thread).STILL WOULD NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS AGAIN!


FTD/Teleflora have handled the situation and Brian is getting his money refunded! Wesley Berry is a disgusting excuse for a florist! Thanx to who advised me to contact them!


No!They are not "grouped in" or anything innocent as u are suggesting...

I am suspicious that WBF is actually typing that message --- WBF is clearly an extremely POORLY run company!

THEY shipped flowers in a box from MICHIGAN to NY and CLAIMED (and REITERATED) they were delivered from a local florist!!!The FedEx box reads Michigan, do NOT try to defend this sad excuse for a florist under MY watch!!!


I actually hear that Wesley Berry is a local mom and pops shop (3rd Generation), with four florist locations of their own in Michigan.Best in Detroit awards and Teleflora/FTD awards.

I've seen some beautiful bouquets that came from that shop.

The problem is that they have corporation capabilities.So they get grouped in with Pro-Flowers and 800-Flower corporations.


:? don't know why I am not hearing back from the Better Business Bureau!Nor from Teleflora, nor FTD!

I will only use a local florist in the future, that is for sure; I will do the leg work and find a local florist!

Is there a place to write to when the BBB doesn't respond?:grin


OKay, now I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and today, after receiving another embarrassing display, emailed Teleflora and FTD with the information! thanks for all of your input, we shall get this DONE!


To get to wes, you must, (in masses everyone, employee and customer) file complaints with teleflora and ftd. he is a vip with these companies and they take good care of him. However, they were slammed with complaints they would do something. And that is the only thing that would scare the sh#t out of him.

If you really care and want to change things do this....

1. contact about their VIP member, Teleflora 800.421.2815 or email us at

2. Contact about their VIP member FTD 1-800-788-9000 or email us at

3. Tell pissed consumer not to take money to delete these postings, these effect his business and save customers.

to DoSomethingAboutIT #1167959

FTD and Teleflora are the wire services that WBF use in order to wire out their orders.They are all sending only call centers and not real florists.

Best way to handle is to get your charge card company to reverse charges for non delivery or whatever your reason.There are a lot of these sending only call centers out there and most pop up first on search engines.

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