Ordered flowers for a friend who got very bad news from Flower Delivery express but then it got sent to Wesley Berry to fill? Anyhow, they were supposed to deliver flowers the very next day after I ordered it and they have failed to do so.

Totally Disgusted. What a joke this site is. Then I called customer service and they can't give me any information what so ever about my order. And they said they will call me back later?

What kind of customer service is that??? Never again will I order from them.

All I can say is I better get my money back.

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I ordered flowers for my sisters birthday. I was promised they would be delivered the same day.My sister is in the hospital and it was very important to me for her to receive the flowers the same day.

Guess what!!!!three days later the flowers were still not delivered!!!

Do not do business with this company unless you are a fool. :sigh


They are a horrible real shop with locations only in Michigan , how he gets you is if you goggle any shop in the US Wesley Berry pops up, when you call they CAN'T tell you they are not in the state you assume you called...they can be written up if you do so ....workers must take every order and NEVER SAY NO...even if they know your order will go nowhere..rough place to work but in a Michigan economy people especially young adults will take the job then see the REAL WESLEY BERRY.....Flower delivery express is Wesley Berry Flowers..just another name the Co uses...the customer service people are not allowed to offer refunds only store credit which is a whole different kind of scam

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