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Do NOT waste your time/money.

This was one of the websites that resulted from a search engine input.

Just click on another link to choose another company to avoid the headache/heartache.

I ordered a bouquet with a mylar balloon to be delivered on 01/03/12 for my mother's birthday...she has received NOTHING!!!

I called customer service on the evening of 01/03/12 and an answering service advised it was after hours, took my info and promised a return call would be conducted.

By 5:00 PM on 01/04/12, still no return phone call, nor delivery, so I called customer service and they advised the delivery was delayed because the location was "more than 10 miles from the florist"...WTF!!!!!

On the website, I verified the location was specified as being deliverable, in addition to verifying the date of delivery was available PRIOR to performing the transaction.

If it is difficult to meet the conditions of the order, then the company could have at least advised prior to my performing the transaction and/or contact me to let me know.

Customer service rep stated I would receive a $30 store credit to be applied to my next order, a "free" upgrade of the bouquet, and an apology note to accompany the bouquet (to be delivered on 01/05/12).

A lot of good that does....the mylar balloon should say "Happy 3, 4, or 5 days after your Birthday, MOM!"

Also, my bank is located "more than 10 miles from the florist" and that sure did not delay the debit to the account (it was the same day)'s only fair to at least expect what you pay for!!!!!

Sincerely pissed!

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