Groveport, Ohio

I order some very expensive flowers from Wesley Berry Flowers to be delivered to a friend in VENICE, CA. The website clearly said 20$ immediate discount and 30$ rebate at check-out.

They neglect to tell you of >20$ of fees and that the rebate is not at check-out. Therefore, no discount whatsoever! The "rebate" is a coupon to buy MORE flowers!! The flowers that were delivered are not what was on their website.

This is inappropriate and false advertisement, and poor quality service.

I sent them an email to inquire and immediately got multiple emails from customer service saying that it was all clearly stated on website. Wrong.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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File a complaint with the Michigan Better Business Bureau that's were they are located and the only place they have stores...they are the worst florist EVER and to lie to people and ruin special occasions how unprofessional for a business that has been around for years..Just goes to show you MONEY rules the world..WES can buy his way out of anything...someday someone will show the company for what it really is ....all the consumers we need to join together, file a lawsuit or at least inquire upon one....let's top this....

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