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I am absolutely disgusted with their service. I ordered flowers but then canceled the order literally 10 minutes after. I talked to a woman and she confirmed my cancellation so of course I thought it went through right? In 2 days, I receive a text from my boss saying thank you for the flowers.... whaat???

First of all, I had ordered the flowers to be SAME DAY delivery on Monday but they arrived on Wednesday. What the heck?? Also, I already canceled the order!

Then they say please to call back in 24 hours. Then another 24 hours. Then 48 hours. Then they say they're SOOOOOO busy that they need the weekend to review ALL the calls. Of course, I'm the only one calling back. So I call on Monday and they have not "gotten to my call" yet, even though I provided the time & date. I just got off the phone with them (Tuesday) and they are giving me the same story. I seriously think they are shirking my calls and hoping that I'll just forget everything.

What a load of BS. I told the girl, Kerry (since apparently their names are so freaking important) to tell Wanda the "manager" to give me a call. GIVE. ME. MY. CALL. Also, I told her that I will be calling twice a day, EVERY DAY until someone "reviews my call" so that I can get my order refunded. OH IT IS ON. It's not even about my money anymore, it's about principle and horrible business conduct.

Funny thing too, I mentioned in an email that they had such bad reviews and their response was "well of course, only the BAD reviews get placed online." O REALLY? What about all of the 4-5 star reviews on Yelp? Do they not matter? What a dumb response. That's exactly how a vendor would respond to their horrible reviews. How about let's try to FIX the actual business and not make excuses and lie??

It's been 2 weeks and I've called every single day, talking to Mike O. Kerry, Melissa, Wanda and Katie. (OH YES, I took everyone's names after that.) They said that I never called (OH REALLY. I DID ALL THIS BECAUSE I'M LYING?) and that nothing can happen.

They offer you a $30 credit for your "next purcahse" and I just laugh. You guys are disgusting. I talked to the "highest" person in charge who can't budge. The next higher person up is Wesley himself.


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