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Ilove in PA and I ordered a pitcher Daisy floral arrangement for my mom who lives in WI, she was in the hospital for back surgery. The bouquet pictured was beautiful.

It was in a yellow ceramic pitcher, with a full bouquet of white Daisy's and yellow roses. When my mom called to thank me for the flowers they were not at all what I ordered! She received a glass vase with a yellow ribbon and 4 white Daisy's and 5 yellow Daisy's in it. I could have had someone pick that up at a grocery store!

When I called them to see if they could reimburse me for the roses and pitcher that was never delivered they told me no!

They said they could give me a gift card, which I don't want. I will never use it nor buy flowers through them again!

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Good Luck with the credit card dispute! as I stated in my earlier post, I filed a dispute & won!

Hope you win too! If enough people fight back, wesleys will get the message!


You should file a dispute with your credit card company. I, too, had a bad experience with Wesleys.

In my case, nothing was delivered! Wesleys wanted to refund a portion of my money & keep the rest! I refused to accept that & filed the dispute. I won!

Not only do i have my full payment back but wesleys will have to pay a fee themselves for losing this dispute! If enough people hit them in the pocketbook in this manner, maybe they will stop their practice of cheating people!


Correction I live in PA and it was a 40 store credit not a gift card. I contacted my credit card company and filed a discrepancy. Hopefully they will take care of it for me since they aren't.

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