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I place an order on Thursday Oct 6th to be delivered for a funeral that same day by 6pm. They stated this would not be a problem and sent me an email order confirmation.

I received a voicemail on Friday stating they needed to speak with me in regards to my order. I was out of the office so I called them on Monday Oct 10th and got the call center. They told me that they would take my name and number and have someone call me. Of course no call.

I received an email on Tuesday Oct 11th for my copy of my order and receipt. Then another email stating I need to call them because the flowers were not delivered. I called again to advise I need to speak with a supervisor again this person stated they were at the call center and they pick up when no one is able to answer. I told this is crazy why had no one told me until Tuesday that the floral arrangement had not been delivered.

She again told me she would take my name and number and have a supervisor call me back asap. No call on Tuesday. Wednesday Oct 12th I receive an email stating that I would be getting a cc refund because the flowers were unable to be delivered and they would offer me a $30 store credit for my next purchase. I called the customer service # on the email.

Funny how I seem to get the call center no matter when I try to call. This time she tells me the close at 7pm I advised its 2pm pst and so it would be 5pm est. That means they close in 2 hours why are they answering. She tried to apologize profusely but she wasn't able to do anything else for me but again take my name and number and have someone call me.....

HOW DISAPPOINTING!!!! We couldn't even send flowers to a friend who was grieving.

DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY THIS IS A HUGE SCAM. Very Dissatisfied customer!!!!

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $102.

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Wesley Berry Flowers is an ORDER GATHERER! That means they take your order through a call center and then try to find an actual LOCAL FLORIST to fill your order at a discount, because they need their cut. It is ALWAYS better to find an actual LOCAL FLORIST!


I had a very similar experience, although thanks to Heather I decided not to waste my time with the answering service. I ordered flowers online to have delivered on my sister's birthday, the day before she was to head out of town on a trip.

I provided all of my contact info as well as my sister's. Well, neither of us heard a thing until the next day when I got an email telling me that the order was "unable to be fulfilled" and I would get a free upgrade. Well, she won't be home to get them for a week so the whole thing is pretty much pointless and a free upgrade won't fix that now will it??? I can accept that the late delivery happened, what gets me is that absolutely no effort whatsoever was made prior to rectify that happening.

They had the tools to at least notify us of the situation, a phone number for me, my sister and my sister was home the entire day they were supposed to be delivered.

As Heather said above, a total scam. Do no bother!



I am sorry to read about the terrible experience you have with our company. There is absolutely no excuse for our lack of communication with you. I am so sorry that you were unable to get through to our shop and kept getting our answering service. It is our responsibility to properly follow up on our orders and inform you on whats going on. You trusted us to deliver flowers for a funeral for you, and we let you down.

I would really appreciate it if you could send me your order number so I can take a look at your order and see what more we can do for you. You can contact me directly at or 248-669-5034. I am available anytime, M-F, 9-7PM EST.

I hope to hear from you,

Kaity F.

Wesley Berry Flowers

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