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This is an email I sent to the owner Mr. Wesley Berry regarding the issue I had!Mr.

Berry,I am writing to express my disgust with your company and the service received or should I say not received! I ordered flowers for my Grandmother in Canada for Christmas. This woman is 106 years old and lives in a nursing home. She has one room so she does not have a lot of room and really does not need anything.

I ordered flowers to brighten her day and her room. To my heartbreak she never received anything. I am so saddened as this was most likely her last Christmas. I received an email on December 26th informing me that my flowers were never delivered on the 24th and that they would keep trying.

Through several emails and phone calls it was settled on December 27th that a Micheal Richardson would get the flowers to her that day with an apology as well as a store credit for $50. Reluctantly I accepted that offer because I didn't want to be charged again and I wanted her to get her flowers. I felt that because this was your error this should have been done for free. As of today, she never got the flowers and I never got my store credit.

I called and got an incredible run around from your employees James and manager Gillian. Gillian admitted that it is very difficult to find a shop to deliver to that area and that possibly no one really checked-her words. This was never mentioned in any of the previous communications, only that the flowers would be sent. I was just simply told that "someone in corporate cancelled the order entirely".

After a 36 minute phone call today, and demanding that she check to see if it was even possible to get flowers delivered by you to her, I am told that there is a florist that could do it today and that they would upgrade the arrangement and I would get two store credits for $40 each and that Gillian would call my Grandmother directly to apologize. Well my Grandmother is mostly deaf and would not be able to hear her so I said no to that portion. I agreed only to find out that I would be charged for this! This is an outrage.

I don't want your store credits, which I was later informed can only be used online and do not include the shipping and processing fees! I simply wanted the flowers sent with an apology to her. I said to use the store credits to cover the cost and was told they can only be used online-well then she would not get her apology now would she? That also wouldn't cover the other costs so I would have to put out MORE money and still with no guarantee that she would get them.

I asked that Gillian place the online order and use the store credits and that way she could place the apology in there. She said no. She just kept saying that you don't deliver flowers for "free"~! "FREE" really??

She acted like she had done me some kind of favor by refunding my money-not quite! The flowers were never delivered! Gillian stated that your company does not deliver flowers for free and that there is nothing further that anyone can do. I have NEVER received such poor service and when I have it has been made right by fixing the problem and NOT being charged for it again.

I specifically chose your company online because you said you delivered to her area. I searched many florists. I wish I had done better research because after searching your company name the reviews are numerous and horrifying! I would appreciate some type of solution, other than what I have been offered in a timely manner.

I intend on contacting the Better Business Bureau and I also intend on making this public knowledge.

I expect a prompt response. I truly hope that this is a legitimate email address.

Monetary Loss: $53.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #591609

They are a Michigan florist with locations only in Michigan file a complaint with the Michigan BBB...

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