When my brother died, my good friend order a succlent planter for me. When nothing arrived on the day promised, she called them again.

They apologized and asked if they could send roses instead. She said no and the next day a dozen mixed color roses arrived in a box with a vase. The poor roses were pretty beat up and started to fade by the next morning. She called them back and they promised to deliver what she ordered.

It arrived today. In the box were 5 little plants in little plastic pots wrapped in bubble wrap. Included was a plastic container to plant them in. Their soil was loose and fell out of the box when I opened them.

There was not enough soil included with them to plant them so I will go out and get some for them. They did not deliver what she ordered and they were 2 weeks late.

I have tried to get them on the phone but the first representative hung up on me when I asked for a customer service supervisor and I have not been able to get a human on the phone. There are plenty of other florist out there, use them not Wesley Berry Flowers in Michigan.

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