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I have never been so angry at a floral delivery service in my life. Wesley Berry does not send you what you ordered, but does send you a "substitution policy" notification the day before your order arrives.

The quality was horrible, did not even remotely resemble what I ordered, and the whole thing was crammed in a box. I have been complaining to this company since the date of my delivery. They will not refund, they attempted to buy me off with a $30 discount on my next order which wont even pay for the extra fees that they tack onto your order at checkout.

I was so embarrassed with the arrangement that I received that I did not give it to anyone, it went strait to the trash...after taking pictures of course. Dont use these guys or any of the other affiliated shops that they work with - you will be ripped off, and then ignored.

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People need to know to they have rights when it comes to this company. GO TO THE and file a complaint.

Follow the prompts on each page. DO NOT accept the resolution until you see the money refunded, IN your account (checking or credit card). DO NOT use the credits that the company sends you. All those will do is ring up more charges for you to dispute.

This company is stealing money from people.

They are shameful. Follow through and get your money back,

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