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Be very cautious.

This on-line company goes by a few names: Flower Delivery Express, Wesley Barry Flowers, American Floral Delivery, and Flowers - Nationwide.

Ordered for Valentines Day: A floral arrangement consisting of One Dozen Long Stem Roses arranged in a glass vase by a local florist and delivered by same local florist.

Spoke to Sean Powell (supervisor cust service rep) prior to writing this review. Sean refused to refund the order amount. He provided the following quote when I asked to speak to his boss: "My boss is the owner who pays me to take your call, and he will not speak with you". After a lengthy discuss this company refused to do the right thing for their customers.

1. Flowers shipped via fed ex from Michigan (not a local florist as advertised on the web site.)

2. Flowers were not pre-arranged. Flowers were shipped separate from vase in a box.

3. Flowers were wilted, dead with multiple bulbs disconnected from stems. They were also frozen.

4. Flowers shipped were not long stem premium roses (just standard roses)

5. Vase shipped was oversized and too large for amount of flowers shipped.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Mountain View, California, United States #916686

Jesus Christ its obvious this guy is out and out stealing from ppl and sadly it appears as though hes getting away with it. I cant believe that a class action hasnt been filed yet.

Fallbrook, California, United States #902352

I also had some flowers that were not what was pictured delivered, the flower were approximately 50% cost of what I paid and those ended up being filler flowers and greenery. These people are frauds because I spoke to the florist that delivered the flowers.

They got the order from this company and said they have had complaints and also have heard of complaints from Wes Berry Flower Delivery Express. This company are not a flower company they take a cut of what you pay and send the balance to the florist to make and deliver the order. The florist does not know if they have the original order or not they just fill the order with the amount and what their order says to make and deliver. These were birthday flowers and I was very embarrassed and upset when I say these flowers .

DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE, you have a good chance of being taken, these people are FRAUDS!!!!


Everything you didm;t want to know about bad service is duplicated here. Ordered two days ahead

and they informed me the day after the wake that the flowers were not delivered.

It was a funeral order to a funeral home and they said they could not find Evelyn (the decreased ) at that address.

Did they even look ……then an full hour of hem and haw and not able to get supervisor then two disconnects.

If you don't want your flowers to arrive EVER and never get a credit , by all means use this group of *** artists.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #696520

I ordered flowers for my mother on 8/7/13 because she was upset and I wanted to cheer her up. I paid for express service for same day delivery.

At 6:08PM I received an email explaining they were unable to deliver my order on time with a 30 dollar credit towards my next purchase. I called right away to cancel the order. The customer service representative acted as if she could not find my order to cancel it. I called again, and same thing.

I called a third time to be transferred to an IVR to leave a message. I left 3 messages to have them cancel it. The next morning I called at 8:30AM to have it canceled again. I spoke to a manager who said she did not have the ability to cancel it, as the proper department was not open yet.

She assured me they would contact me once they received my messages. Later that day, around 3:00PM, the flowers were delivered. I called customer service again and demanded I be refunded the express delivery rate since they did not provide. The customer service agent said she could not refund me any money.

I asked to be escalated up to a manager. She said "The manager will just tell you the same thing". I said I still want to be transferred. At that point she just sat there and stopped talking.

I could hear her breathing but she would not respond to me. I told her I would file a BBB complaint and dispute the charges on my credit card.


I called promised same day delivery .. It was my mom's birhtday .

Flowers never arrived . Called the number you have to leave a message did that no response .

Called the next day was told oh the florist is working on it.. I will never ever use this company again....


My 13 year old niece didn't make the soccer team, and on the same day came down with the stomach flu and didn't make it to the bathroom -- at school. That calls for flowers from Aunt Cathy.

I paid to have them sent to her at home.

They never arrived, I never received notice and have gotten nowhere. Nice going, jerks.


I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach and ordered flowers from what I thought was a local florist in Ohio. I find out 11 days later that the flowers were not delivered to the designated funeral home!

I saw in my checking account that there was a deposit in the amount of the flower order. I couldn't believe the flowers were not delivered. When I called they said my order was lost in the system and they didn't have a way to contact me yet my phone number and email address was on the order form!! The person I talked to said I could order flowers and have them sent to the home and I would get an email with a $40 credit.

I get an email and no credit in email.

Very poor business and negligent!. DO Not Use this company!, :(


Wesley Berry is a Michigan florist who pops up whenever you google a florist anywhere in the United States and then by some miracle substitution policy Wesley Berry is able to fed ex whatever flowers they want regardless of the picture you saw or the flowers you request when ordering. all..........Please post reviews on other sites like under Detroit florists and contact FTD or TELEFLORA if the item you ordered had their name in description...follow thru and we can eventually stop this company and I use that term loosely the Michigan BBB ...dispute your credit card charge...good luck


I also had a horrible experience. The flowers were not delivered and I was not contacted.

I called them 2 days later and they refused to accept accountability or refund my order. They only offered a credit on future orders.

Josh (manager) said Wesley Barry is 'too busy to read my email.' An awful experience and completely insensitive to the occasion that I was sending flowers. Do not use this company!!


ordered a beautiful red wagon with assorted flowers for grandchild"It's a girl" received a cheap glass volkswagon car with mini carnations. Bait and switch going on here.They said they had right to substitute.

Wesley says they would give me back 20. credit on next order.Are you kidding me,there will be no next. Don't be scammed.

By the reviews I think the Attorney General in Ct. should look into these people

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