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I ordered flowers for a funeral. The arrangement was called the "Givens Plant Basket". The basic plant basket was 59.99 and it was a beautiful white basket with at least 3 live plants and 3 ornamental flowering plants. There was a cyclamen, African violet, and I think it was an azalea or at least as best I could tell. Beautiful purple violet, pink cyclamen, and lighter pink azalea. I wanted something grand to be delivered to hopefully be put up by the casket with the other large arrangements. So I ordered the exquisite upgrade for an extra $25.00. Since this was my first time ordering from Wesley-Berry, supposedly I was getting a 20% off discount. I was also supposed to get free shipping as well because I was ordering more than a certain amount. So, I put in all the information myself and they charged my credit card. When I got to the funeral, I was shocked to see this little arrangement, which was nothing like what I ordered sitting on a side table with the card with my name on it. I was so embarrassed I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me!!! At the church's dinner after the funeral, they brought in most of the arrangements, definitely all the plant arrangements. I looked all over for mine, and found out that "it was so small they left it in the car". Nobody even wanted to bring it inside to be displayed with all the others. Further, they were handing out different arrangements to the immediate family members but mine wasn't in the mix. Nobody wanted it. My aunt said, "just leave in the car, I'll keep that little one." Again, I was embarrassed and angry. Not only was it very, very small for what I had paid, it was nothing like what I had ordered. It had a green and orange checkered ribbon - not at all appropriate for a funeral -- and there were only two ornamental flowers - a purple pansy and orange something very tiny flowers. It was not in a basket it was in a tin. I got nothing that I paid for. However, I did receive embarrassment and now I can't get any of my money back because I can't get anybody on the phone to speak to me about it. Here's what you as my reader need to do. Just Google Wesley-Berry Flowers. There are thousands of online complaints about this company.

Here's why I'm angry.......Here's what I paid:

59.99 Givens Plant Basket

-20% making the plant basket


+ 25.00 exquisite upgrade

+ 3.99 card service - never a separate charge before from florists

+ 7.99 vase service - never a separate charge before from florists

+ 0.00 shipping service (normally 19.99)

+ 8.99 handling fee

subtotal was $93.96

+ sales "fee" -- wait a minute, online products in Indiana don't get a sales tax......oh, wait a minute, its not a sales tax....its a sales FEE. A fee for sales???? I did my own sales. I got online and looked it up. Put in all the information including what I wanted the card to say, what arrangement I wanted, where I wanted it delivered including address and phone, whose funeral.....I DID EVERYTHING, WHY DID THEY NEED A SALES FEE? And isn't that usually covered under the handling fee?

At any rate, that 59.99 plant arrangement cost me $107.81 total dollars. Wait a minute, that's with free shipping and a 20% discount???!!! Are you kidding me???!!!

Then to get to the funeral and see what was delivered, not having it among the others for the funeral dinner because "it was so small" and not having anybody want to take it home because "it was so small".

Here's the thing - Had I not had the discounts I would have had to pay $139.80 for that tiny thing. Instead of delivering something worth $139.80 which legally I was supposed to get, I didn't get a TRUE discount or FREE shipping. I got RIPPED OFF!!!

I am very angry about this. I tried to call them but I got a hold of someone I couldn't understand because of a thick foreign accent. I asked to speak to an American and this person kept repeating "what is your problem? I help." Again, I kept asking for an American because this person was horribly difficult to understand. This person finally said to call this other number. I said "that's the number I just called"....then they said "try" and gave me another number. That number was no longer in service. In the photo, you can see this embarrassment. Ask yourself if you would be willing to pay $139.80 for this.....or even $107.00??? Also, the link to what I wanted is below. Now, I'm not naive, I know substitutions can be made, but what I got was nothing like what I ordered. They didn't even try to emulate what I ordered. And, its so dang small!!!!!

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Givens Plant Basket Arrangement.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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And the real florist received the original cost of $59.99, had to take out their delivery fee from the total and use plants they already had in the store for that price.WB isn't a real florist, but a sending only call center, and only one of many.

Always choose farther down the list on a search.

Real florists will have local phone numbers mostly as most people now have cell phones.These call centers are the bane of the floral industry.

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