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PALM BEACH, FL. - I ordered two separate sets of flowers from these guys last week on Monday, this is where the problem already began. They over-charged me for the flowers by $40.00 to begin with. Next, Tuesday, the day they were supposed to be delivered, only one set of flowers were delivered. So, when I complained that only one set of flowers were delivered, they sent this nice automated letter - Please accept my sincere apology for the recent issue you had with mycompany. Although I am sure it is of little consequence for you to hear, Iwant to personally offer you my apology. I take your situation veryseriously. My family has owned and operated Wesley Berry Flowers since 1946,and this is not the type of failure we take lightly

But words are cheap and it is easy to say we're sorry. So, I am offering youa special credit off the next purchase you make with us online at... Simply use the promo code listed inthe subject line of this email during the checkout process to recieve yoursavings. Progress all the way to the billing data screen and at that pointplease enter in the special code (it is case sensitive) in the promotionalcode box and refresh the screen. The store credit will be applied to thecost of the product.

Unfortunately sometimes we fail and it appears that we have failed you,again, I am sorry. It is clear your situation should have been handled in amore professional way. Regardless to whether you choose to use this creditor not, I want you to know I take all customer service issues seriously andhave discussed your situation with our entire management staff.

My Sincere Regrets,

Wesley Berry IICEO

Wesley Berry FlowersAmerican Floral DeliveryFlower Delivery ExpressNationwide-Florists-A week later and they have not resolved one issue for me and I have not seen any money back for the flowers that were not delivered. So, I complained once again and once again I get a nice automated emailHello,

I apologize for the issue with your order. I am looking into this matter further for you in order to reach a resolution. Once we have come to a solution to this matter we will notify you via email. We appreciate your understanding while we resolve this issue.

Thank you,


Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown

Customer Relations- I am not sure if these people are simply incompetent or are just looking to run a terrible business and have this many angry customers. One would think that having a business run since 1946, you would be able to manage a simple problem such as this. However, it seems to be a very difficult a business person, I wonder how the these people are still in business...wait...they just take money and dont provide the product. This wont be the last they hear from me either, count on it. I attached a screen shot of where the money the withdrew from my bank account, along with what was said to be charged on the website.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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