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Update by user Feb 15, 2013

Update - My fiancee finally received an email from Wesley Berry Flowers. They offered him a $40 store credit.

Why they think we will use their services again is beyond me.

He spent $119(just on flowers) and I received flowers comparable to a $30 - $40 arrangement on their site. They owe him a $79 - $89 refund!

Original review posted by user Feb 15, 2013

I posted the following on their Facebook page:

Well it sounds like I'm lucky to have gotten any flowers at all. The flowers were delivered to my office at about 4:30pm and they were very pretty; however when I sent the picture if them to my fiancee(he purchased them for me for Valentine's Day) he replied that the flowers I had received were not what he had ordered. He spent $115 on the 'Best' quality flowers alone not including the delivery fee.The flowers I received were comparable to the $30-$40 arrangements they sell on their site. My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy so he ordered this arrangement because with the image and the product description showed a variety of beautiful flowers including Gerbera daisies. There were no Gerbera daisies in the arrangement I received and it had about a quarter of the flowers shown. It was also supposed to be delivered in a lilac colored vase alas it was a cheap clear vase instead. We realize the arrangement would not look exactly like the picture but if you are going to indicate the types of flowers which should be in the arrangement then they should be in the delivered product. He tried to call and experienced the same issues as described in the other comments. Bottom line: he was exorbitantly over charged! This company is a scam and we will not be ordering flowers from them again. People rely on companies as these with the expectation that when they order flowers, no matter what the occasion, they will be delivered at a reasonable time and that they get what they paid for. I can understand a mistake, at first I thought they had given me the wrong flowers but after reading all the negative reviews I don't think this is the case. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt though and hope they will respond to my fiancee's voicemail and email to make it right. The ball is in your court Wesley Berry Flowers, you should make this right. We fully intend to report this to the BBB as well has any other media in hopes that we can to put an end to your shady business practices. Shame on you for taking advatage of people who work very hard to pay for your crappy services!

I've attached a picture of the flowers ordered and the flowers I actually received. Below you'll find the product desciption posted on their site; these flowers do not match the description:

A perfectly pleasing mix of sweet springtime blossoms make this a truly happy gift. So full of feminine flowers and fun feelings, this is the perfect arrangement to make her smile.

Dazzling white spray roses, hot pink gerberas and matsumoto asters, pink carnations, lavender cushion mums, light pink stock and much more fill a lavender Inspiration vase.

Approximately 20 1/2" W x 23" H

Orientation: All-Around

•As Shown : T17-1A

•Deluxe : T17-1B

•Premium : T17-1C

The 'Premium' is what my Fiance ordered so the arrangement was actually supposed to be bigger and better than the one shown in the picture below.

Monetary Loss: $136.

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