My sweet husband wanted to send me a beautiful bouquet for Valentines Day and to my surprise I received a box with bubble wrap all around this clump of flowers in a vase. Well, when I unwrapped them I was so embarrassed by the way they looked!!!

The roses were crumpled,brown and even broken!!! The leaves looked like some bug had been chewing on them! So, on the card it states you must call immediately upon arrival if you have a problem with the flowers RIGHT just try calling them the phone number on the card when called was constantly busy and when I did finally get through you have to leave a message or can e-mail them but they go so fast with address I couldn't catch it and so you start over with the busy signal! I did leave a message but highly doubt I will ever hear from this company!Thank goodness for this site Pissed Consumers and the gentleman that had posted a complaint had posted some numbers so my husband was able to call and talk to a live person they told him their policy is NO REFUNDS as long as the delivery is made!

They offered my husband a credit of $80.00 keep in mind he paid $65.00 for this piece of ***! Then he credited him $120.00 we are not happy about this and honestly too afraid to even get any more flowers from this Company! Take my word for it people pass this company up and DON'T!! DON'T!!!

DON'T!! EVER order from Wesley Berry Flowers! Value of loss???

how do you put a price on embarrassment!! PRICELESS!!

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