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I ordered from this website (on Friday, 11th July 2014) to have the arrangement delivered to the address in the same city of Hutchinson, KS (the funeral was schedule for 15 July 2014) but when I called on 15 July 2014; I was told that the florist never received the order and nothing was made for the carrying out of the shipment. I talked to a customer service agent by the name of (Mark) and he called the florist and said they never received the order; but their name was on the inventory screen of the order being placed. I was then told that I will be transferred to a "Supervisor" to get my refund back to me. I was on hold for 34 minutes and when I finally reached a "Supervisor" all I got was a laugh and then the call was disconnected. I had to call back 4x more times to finally get my refund to my account. I had to go through ( to get the flowers to the family and finally this nightmare was over. I will never use this again. One more thing, if you use this service and you call for a customer service agent, they put you through a system to leave your name, your phone number, the service number, and then your email address and then informs you about they will get back to you in a timely manner. I left numerous calls from them to call me and never received any to me. The only way you get a hold of someone, is to act like you are calling about placing an order and then you will get a hold of someone to ask questions. This site is a fraud and a scam.

Roy Owen


Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $155.

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So mad,I ordered a Fresh Flower arrangement thru flower.comto deliver it to Topeka Ks.

I choose the BEST VALUE with 1doz. Of Roses & tall vase,

Guess WHAT,they delivered the small flower arrangement with 6 tiny roses.i called the site they hang up on me.

What a ripped off. Also ripping off my sick friend whom I sent this order,I will put you on Social Media so that nobody will experience .we pay you to help us cheer our LOVED ones ,you cheated.

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