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Ordered flowers for delivery. Got email confirmation of order on morning of delivery.

However, flowers were never delivered, and I was never notified. When I called they gave me an excuse that a funeral prevented my order from being delivered, and they wouldn't be able to deliver until tomorrow. This delivery was for a MONDAY! Had I known my flowers were not going to make it on the day I needed them, I would have ordered from another vendor.

They are horrible and their customer service reps are rude and not helpful. Avoid this company like the plague or be prepared to be disappointed.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $47.

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boy I wish I had seen this posting BEFORE I ordered birthday flowers for my daughter. This had to be the absolute worse experience I have ever encountered buying flowers online. Here is what happened to me:

BEFORE I ordered flowers I called Wesley because I knew that my daughter would not be at home in the morning to receive the flowers. The girl told me "Just put in the comments: Deliver after 1:00 PM" (boy was I the fool). 3:00 ofr delivery day I called and daughter still had no flowers. So I called Wesley to see when they would be delivered. I told the guy7 that answered that she would not be there after 5:00 pm to receive them. Put me on hold.. then comes back and says "The order says to deliver after 1:00 PM so they can be delivered abytime today". I told him that birthDAY flowers should be delivered in the DAY not the NIGHT... Put me on hold again.. then came back and said "I will handle it..". I re0-iterated that she would not be home after 5:00 PM.. "No problem, sir".. wrong!

5:30 comes.. still no call from daughter saying "Thanks for flowerw dad" so I called Wesley again. This time a girl answers. She initially had trouble even locating order. Then she tells me that "The flowers went out at 3:45.. they should be there"... I told her I agree they should be there.. buty they are not... I asked her to call the delivery guy and get mne an ETA... on hold five minutes... She same back on.."We do funeral deliveries first, then businesses, and then we do residential deliveries".. Huh? where does it say THAT on the site? Why did the guy tell me he would handle it. She then said "The driver said he has many deliveries and can not tell where your delivery is..."

Most frustrating part is that they blamed it on me adding "Deliver after 1:00 PM".. which THEY TOLD ME TO INSERT!!!!!

Nothing was their fault... Then they blamed the address as being wrong... if they had a GPS they could have seen the typo easily..

They finally delivered.. no left the flowers at the door in an apartment complex.... at 6:05 pm...

I had to let my daughter know to leave a note because I was sending flowers.. no surprise now...

The only flowers I would recommend would be for my funeral, when I don;t care if they are late...


:( :( :(

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