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Stay away from this online scam. They charge outlandish prices for a product they don't deliver.

I ordered one dozen roses for my wife to be delivered to her office. What they sent was a cheap assortment of flowers, none of which were roses. I paid $87.00 for a small bouquet that looked like something you would by at the checkout counter of gas station.

I've tried to contact customer service on several occasions and cannot get past the recorded messages instructing me to push 1 - 2 - or 3. None of these take you to customer service and you wind holding the phone waiting for someone who never answers.

If you go to their website at http://www.wesleyberry.net/ they have a link for customer complaint center. When you click on the link you recieve an error message "Site Temporarily Unavailable"

Stay away from this scam.

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I'm very sorry to hear how he has scammed you out of money. This happens a lot and it is unfortunate but you will not get your money back.

He probably FedExed your order and did not give you the amount of flowers you paid for you.

Unfortunately, the best bet for you is to go through your credit company to get your money back. Or you can email him at wes@800wesleys.com

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