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I ordered flowers the Saturday before Mother's Day. The flowers never arrived on Saturday. I called Saturday to make sure they would be arriving on Mother's Day and was assured they would arrive Sunday. They never arrived. I called on Monday to cancel the flower delivery, and I was told they would deliver them and refund me my money because they made a HUGE mistake by not only failing to deliver flowers on specified date, and also wrongly told me they would arrive on Sunday and they never did.

I accepted the refund offer that included having the flowers delivered. But my money was never refunded. Repeated calls to business to resolve issue were met with stiff resistance. Excuses changed from day to day.Supposedly my call had been routed to a separate call center and that person was never to have promised me a refund.

Too bad, they hired the call center employee and my flowers were three days late. I wanted to cancel them because my mother was not there to receive them on Monday but relented because they said they would refund me anyway.Little did I know, this was probably a scamming lie they told so that they wouldn't "lose" the order and the $50 charge.

After many calls attempting to resolve the issue, I finally got through to a supervisor, Wendy. She told me that their policy was that flowers that couldn't be delivered on a given date would be delivered the next day. But I called the next day, Sunday, to ensure the flowers would be delivered that day and was guaranteed they would be. Wendy told me, "We have no record of that conversation."

I told her that I had called to request the order be canceled BEFORE the flowers were delivered and she suggested I had done so after, even though she had no evidence to indicate that. Nor would she, because I called on Monday at 10:30 AM CST to cancel the flowers after learnign they did not arrive Sunday evening. 10:30 AM CST is 8:30 AM PST (where my mother lives), so there is no way the flowers could have arrived before I called to cancel. Besides, why would i call and cancel after the flowers arrived on Monday? If someone had told me when I called Saturday that the flowers would not have arrived until Monday, I would have canceled then and there. I am convinced they lied to me so that they could charge my card for a service I would not need on Monday (as my mom would already be out of town by then.)

They offered me a $30 credit, but I do not want a credit from this company. I refuse to do any business with them and will tell everyone I know never to do business with Wesley Berry Flowers unless you want your flowers to show up late.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Arrangement.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I am so sorry to hear about the terrible experience you have had with our company. There is absolutely no excuse for such horrible communication and customer service. We work our hardest to deliver all arrangements on the requested date, and I cannot apologize enough for the delay with your order. Sending a gift should never turn into such a frustrating experience, and I am sorry that we made it so.

I would really like to look further into your order to see exactly where we went wrong. I would like to prevent an experience like yours from happening to another customer. If you could please send me your order number or any other useful information to enable me to access your order I would really appreciate it. I will do everything I can to make this right for you.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Kaity F.

Wesley Berry Flowers

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