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I ordered a $60.00 large white poinsettia in a wicker basket with a frosty green silk ribbon for my Mother who is in an assistant Living Facility. What I paid for WAS NOT what was delivered they sent a substitute with out contacting me it was an ugly Red Poinsettia that I could have went to Walmart and gotten for $15.00 or less. Make customers aware of the substitute so they have an option to cancel and go to another supplier.

A positive is it was delivered on time. I guess Walmart is close by! JUST GIVE ME WHAT I ORDERED!

Customer service is a good thing.


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Mobile, Alabama, United States #760615

hORRIBLE! I ordered for Saturday delivery to mom in nursing home for her Birthday!

They reassured it would get there (2 orders) as I told them I can order elsewhere if they cannot meet delivery. They were NOT delivered until Monday. My total for both was 86.00. They deducted my card that amount PLUS a fee alittle higher than the 86.00.

Finally after my calling..

they sent me a 30.00 rebate towards next order. I need to check what the flowers looked like, but this company is NOT GOOD!!!

to frustrated Mobile, Alabama, United States #760616

and also finally credited my card after continually calling them...


The website boasts, "SAME DAY DELIVERY," so I ordered on a Friday for delivery that day. I received an email stating that it would not be delivered until the next day.

I responded and told them that I wasn't comfortable with that because of religious reasons and because the recipient would be released from the hospital the next day and would probably be missed. They ignored my religious concerns, but replied that they would call the hospital to make sure that he was there before attempting delivery. The next day I received an email and text confirmation that the item had been delivered on Saturday, a day late, but they claimed that it was delivered on time. Monday I was told that the delivery had never been made and that the confirmation was sent by the local florist to avoid a fine by the company.

I asked for a refund. The lady tried to dissuade me, but I was persistent. I finally spoke to a manager who promised me a full refund and a $50 store credit, which I had no intention of using. The next day, the full price was taken out of my account.

I called the following day to ask why and I was told that I would not receive a full refund and that I had not been told that I would. The "lady" referred me to the fine print on the website outlining their refund policy. They were going to keep $19.35 for not making the promised delivery. I did check the policy and their own website claims that they will refund the full amount if the delivery is not made.

I told her that I expect a full refund and she said that I wouldn't get it. I told her that I will pursue a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and she basically dared me to.

I did file a complaint and I will pursue any other option available to me. The way I was treated was WRONG!!!


My experience with Flower Delivery Express was absolutely horrible. They didnt deliver flowers on the day I ordered them.

Only after I called and complained did they deliver something. But not what I ordered at all. And I was told they would go back and get what they delivered since it was the wrong thing, but instead of getting a full refund, they were going to charge me a 30 percent restocking fee. When I threw a fit about that the man on the phone said that he would exchange it, and give me a $50.00 store credit.

Which I can say has never been done. I would never ever recommend this site to anyone in the world.


Terrible experience!Flowers werent delivered in 5 days, even thou we paid same day and now we fight over refund. I dont know how they are still in business. Rhey dont refund full amount paid even thou services werent delivered.


Wesley Berry is ONLY located in Michigan....when you google Any florist in any city they pop up....once u call... the poor soul answering is NOT allowed to say where they are located....and they must take your order NO MATTER WHAT...a lot of broken hearts caused by this company it is a joke and he is a scammer.

He does the floral business no good.... someday he hopefully will be shown for the scammer he is.....


I ordered flowers for a sick friend well in advance of the date I knew she was coming home from the hospital. I received conformation that they would be delivered to a house in the same town as the florist, on the day I indicated.

I then received an email that night saying they were not able to deliver the flowers, with no explanation. I emailed them back that night for a "prompt" response and waited all the next day for an answer.

I can't cancel or get an answer and still no flowers delivered. i am going to contact my credit card company to dispute this order!

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