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I placed 2 separate orders one morning for same-day delivery. Neither order was delivered that day.

One of the 2 orders was delivered at the end of the second day. As I write this note toward the end of the FOURTH day, I still have no confirmation of delivery of the second order. Customer Service seems mostly disengaged and often a call center answers. There tends to be a lot of emotion tied to floral deliveries.

This company does NOT deserve the priviledge of handling such business. For a company that has experienced a dramatic recent growth in business, it seem clear that the additional income isn't going towards satisfying customers. Wesley Berry Flowers waited until after 3pm pacific time to notify te local florist of the order. Like to know the next professional move of that florist?

While they had 2 contact phone number with which to reach me, they called THE RECIPIENT to ask if she would be at work the NEXT day for a delivery. That pretty much lets the cat out of the bag in terms of delivering a surprise, won't you agree? I'd probably be less angry if it weren't for the sometimes surly and sometime dismissive attitude of some of the customer service people. To a degree, I get that; "sucky job in a call center and everyone on the phone is getting flowers except you." However, that's not my problem and I don't expect it to BECOME my problem.

My problem is that I contacted this shabbily-run company for a same-day delivery that I'm still waiting for 4-days later. This is ridiculous by the most forgiving standards. I'm in California as are the recipients; no snow, no rain, no traffic excuses, no natural disasters, NO EXCUSES.

Just a perpetually shabby handling of my orders. I honestly feel that someone who investigates fraud should have a peek here and see who they can save from Wesley Berry Flowers Corp.

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Wesley Berry Flowers is a horrible flower shop with locations only in Michigan and he portrays his shops as nationwide and emplyees are treated just as bad as the poor customers....Store credits are a joke....Customer reps aren't allowed to tell you up front they are not in the city you want your flowers delivered too...There are whole towns out there that will not fill orders from Wesley Berry Flowers because he sells things on line with 20 dollar coupons then doesn't honor them...They also charge 15.99 to take your order not for delivery charge a handling charge yeah a charge to handle your wallet while you get robbed...And they are famous for their WOW FACTOR ....Wow I didn't order that...I would love to see this company exposed for all it's shady give flowers a bad name...BUYER BEWARE OF OWNER.......

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