Wesley Berry Flowers-not on-time, NO REFUND!

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I called this company specifically because they came up on my internet sesrch-as having the ability to deliver same-day floral arrangements. Up front I informed, them when I called, that I had already called two other LOCAL florists who were either closed or too busy to guarantee same day delivery. "Vicki" assured me that they would and could deliver "today".

I also mentioned that "her" business name hadn't showed up on the map of the area where the delivery would take place (She never mentioned that I was speaking to a "remote" center not located in the state where the flowers would be delivered) Lack of Transparency!

As it turned out the delivery did not take place on the date promised.

When I found that out from the friends for whom the flowers were intended, I had to call Wesley Berry again and inquire as to what went wrong. Then I was told they were remote...that the LOCAL florist they use (Burghards) was closed on that date and I was offered a $30 store credit-good for one year.

I asked them why they didn't follow up and inform me that the delivery was not possible instead of just letting the time slip by with no proactive communication to me. "Amber", the gal now helping me, didn't know. I told her I would like a 50% credit to my credit card and would hope they would follow-up and get the flowers to my friends. The flowers were delivered 3 days later...since the following two days were a Sunday and a Holiday.

Amber said she wasn't authorized to do the credit back. I told her I would want a SUpervisor to be consulted.

On the day the flowers were finally delivered, my friends told me the greeting card was odd...the card had a distracting typo in it.

I called Wesley BErry again, this time to follow up with requesting a 50% credit to my credit card. I was told by "Josh" that he could not authorize that. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. Josh told me he would create paperwork first, to be passed to the Super, so that I would not have to repeat my story again. Now that was thoughtful.

When I was handed off to the Super, I was greeted with "This is ....(I don't recall) HOW MAY I HELP YOU? I thought the wrong person must have picked up. So, I explained that Josh was getting a SUper for me. SHe said I am the SUper please tell me what your situation is. I said "Oh, Josh told me he wrote it up so that I wouldn't have to explain again" SHe said, "How is it that I can help you?" As though she knew nothing, nada, back to square one. Odd!

So, I explained myself again. 1) A clear promise to deliver flowers on a specific day-reiterated more than once...DID NOT HAPPEN. 2) Even the card was incorrect. 3) Since I have no confidence in your company, why would I want to receive a store credit when I have no intention of using your services again. SHE flat out refused and stated they have no ability and a policy against issuing an actual credit to my credit card. She said she was offering me "compensation" as I had asked and that was that!

I tried to appeal to her consumer side...a promise not kept on time- sensitive delivery-I should be reimbursed. But, NO!

So, I asked for her SUperior...she said the OWNER Mr Wesley Berry and he was not available. I would have to have her email a note to him.

She said the flowers were delivered and that I had said the recipients had liked them...all true...but they were delivered 3 days later! AND I had specifically stressed the importance of that being THE only reason I had contacted them or was using their service...a promise to deliver the same day.....even by midnight would have been okay!

Finally, she offered me a credit card credit back on the delivery charge. I resigned to the offer...saying I felt that the golden rule was not being followed here and that of course it would be possible to credit me back more than that. She gave me no choice. I asked her if she as a consumer would really feel this was a way to build consumer confidence...did she really believe this was a NICE way and FAIR way to handle the situation....it was apparently a rhetorical question to her.

I did say that I would like her to follow through and let Mr Berry know of this case. That I would report this. She said that their website had a disclaimer NO REFUNDS on delivered flowers. I only got the phone number online and called my order in...not aware of a disclaimer...but, hey, where is the incentive to "deliver" on time ?

BOTTOM LINE- A BIG THUMBS DOWN for this company. And, I handled this in a firm but polite tone...no emotionalism here. Nothing to offend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Wesley Berry Flowers - Delivered wilted, late flowers for mother's day.


Flower company sent wilted, late flowers to my Mother-In-Law for Mother's day last month. They were rude and uncaring on the phone, and offered only a $30 credit on a future order when we wanted a full refund.

They are content to let the matter drop rather than satisfy a customer who is upset. The order cost close to $80.00 and a refund was out of the question. This was a very embarrasing situation for us when the delivery was not even close to the order that we placed.

Why would we ever us them again? Wesley Berry Flowers (on line order).

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Wesley Berry Flowers - Wesley Berry florist suck!

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Ordered flowers for delivery. Got email confirmation of order on morning of delivery.

However, flowers were never delivered, and I was never notified. When I called they gave me an excuse that a funeral prevented my order from being delivered, and they wouldn't be able to deliver until tomorrow. This delivery was for a MONDAY! Had I known my flowers were not going to make it on the day I needed them, I would have ordered from another vendor.

They are horrible and their customer service reps are rude and not helpful. Avoid this company like the plague or be prepared to be disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $47.



boy I wish I had seen this posting BEFORE I ordered birthday flowers for my daughter. This had to be the absolute worse experience I have ever encountered buying flowers online. Here is what happened to me:

BEFORE I ordered flowers I called Wesley because I knew that my daughter would not be at home in the morning to receive the flowers. The girl told me "Just put in the comments: Deliver after 1:00 PM" (boy was I the fool). 3:00 ofr delivery day I called and daughter still had no flowers. So I called Wesley to see when they would be delivered. I told the guy7 that answered that she would not be there after 5:00 pm to receive them. Put me on hold.. then comes back and says "The order says to deliver after 1:00 PM so they can be delivered abytime today". I told him that birthDAY flowers should be delivered in the DAY not the NIGHT... Put me on hold again.. then came back and said "I will handle it..". I re0-iterated that she would not be home after 5:00 PM.. "No problem, sir".. wrong!

5:30 comes.. still no call from daughter saying "Thanks for flowerw dad" so I called Wesley again. This time a girl answers. She initially had trouble even locating order. Then she tells me that "The flowers went out at 3:45.. they should be there"... I told her I agree they should be there.. buty they are not... I asked her to call the delivery guy and get mne an ETA... on hold five minutes... She same back on.."We do funeral deliveries first, then businesses, and then we do residential deliveries".. Huh? where does it say THAT on the site? Why did the guy tell me he would handle it. She then said "The driver said he has many deliveries and can not tell where your delivery is..."

Most frustrating part is that they blamed it on me adding "Deliver after 1:00 PM".. which THEY TOLD ME TO INSERT!!!!!

Nothing was their fault... Then they blamed the address as being wrong... if they had a GPS they could have seen the typo easily..

They finally delivered.. no left the flowers at the door in an apartment complex.... at 6:05 pm...

I had to let my daughter know to leave a note because I was sending flowers.. no surprise now...

The only flowers I would recommend would be for my funeral, when I don;t care if they are late...


:( :( :(

Wesley Berry Flowers - Wesley Berry Florist Inc false practices

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Update by user May 14, 2011

Just received an e-mail reply from the company;I WILL CHECK MY CREDIT CARD SERVICE IN 5 DAYS


I am deeply sorry but we are no longer servicing this area. You should have received two

e-mails about this. One stating we are unable to deliver and one about your credit card

refund. I apologize if you have not received these. We have already refunded your credit

card and you should see this reflect in your account within 3 to 5 business days. Please

accept my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you,

Chelsey Ortiz

Chelsey Ortiz

Customer Relations

Wesley Berry Flowers Corporate Offices

Office 248.668.2881 Fax 248.669.2454

Original review posted by user May 14, 2011

I ordered flowers for mothers day to be delivered . they never showed , I called 4 times not including the calls my brother made to them.

they promised to have some one call me back that never happened

I e-mailed them they never responded.

They or should I say the answering service for them says they ran out of flowers and they are too busy calling customers to call me back ?

I finally get another person she tells me she will credit my account for 30 dollars and send an upgrade at no charge the next day mind you it has now been 4 days. well it never got delivered I call again and surprise they have no record of my order, even though i have a confirmation order number.

The worst experience I have ever had with a company. and by the looks of it ,after checking alot of other sites that complain on this company, they should be out of bizz.

Contact your state attorney general's office

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.


Los Angeles, California, United States #648449

TOTAL SCAM!!!! if "NEGATIVE STARS" was an option I would give them exactly that.

very much like other reviews... this company is unprofessional shady at best! First, I tried to call and was told i would be on hold for "one minute" - more like 10. hung up and ordered online.

Then, I ordered a $39.99 flower arrangement for mothers day today and the order came out to $67.98!!! $19.00 service charge and $8.00 handling fee. Not what I had in mind. immediately tried to cancel the order but the website does not provide any way to do that online.

I called and was put on hold for nearly 15 minutes, then asked to input my identifying information (name, phone and email) and reason for calling , and was told that a rep would call back. I didn't really want to wait for someone to call back, so i emailed them and I went ahead and called them again. I was on hold for nearly 18 minutes... still no answer!

and one hour later no one called us back. I called several times and was put on indefinite hold. finally i got a rep and told her my reason for calling. she then offered to use the cost of the handling fee and the service charges to "upgrade" my order.

I politely told her i wasn't interested in upgrading. she then informed me that there would be a cancellation fee that included the cost of service charge $19.99 and the handling fee $8.00!!!! I asked to speak to a manger and she stated, "Actually, I am the manager." my husband overheard the conversation and got on the phone. Sarah, the "manager" refused to wave the service charge stating that we should have cancelled the order right away.

my husband explained that we had tried to do just that and explained the situation. she still refused. he then asked to speak with her supervisor, to which she replied she did not have one. Huh?!!

my husband then told her that if she did not wave the charges that we would dispute the charges with our credit card company. she said she would fill out some paper work to request a full refund but that she could not guarantee we would get it.

great help Sarah! interesting though how we could clearly hear her speaking with someone while she was "filling out paperwork!" 2 days later and still no refund!


This company is unreliable and unprofessional. I placed an order for my wife and was assured that it would be delivered on our anniversary.

Not only was it not delivered on time but they sent me an e-mail 30 minutes after it should have been delivered. Then they finally sent them the next day, after our anniversary, and there were less roses than I purchased. After calling the company I was told this was their policy and that my order had been upgraded. Considering there were several flowers missing this was not possible.

It is also very difficult to get in touch with anyone at this company and it seems they may have a connection problem, since they hung up on me twice before being able to talk with someone. Unfortunately, this person was of no help.


So sorry they ruined a very hard time in your life...They are only located in MICHIGAN...Customer Service people are INSTRUCTED to avoid answering the question Where Are You Located to mislead you and get your money..They take your order sometimes knowing *** well it's not going anywhere..Wesley Berry Flowers TREATS THEIR EMPLOYEES HORRIBLE ...please file a complaint with MICHIGAN BBB and MICHIGAN STATE ATTORNEY....HE must be stopped


They are the worst company I have ever dealt with!!!!!!!!!!!


some one need to go to jail for this. we in 2012 this is no longer acceptable.

i have spend over $200 in flower with this fake co. none got deliver,and the worst part of it is they phone is no longer working.

Im putting a complaint in at my state attorny office

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Wesley Berry Flowers - Do not use this company!

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WARNING, Do not use this company, I placed an order for flowers 5 days before Mother's Day and they charged my credit card and gave me a confirmation number. The very next day I received an email about a refund, so I called and an answering service took the message.

I was told that they were to busy taking and processing orders but that someone would get back to me as soon as possible. No one ever did, nothing was delivered.

I think that 5 days is more than enough time to process a flower delivery for Mother's Day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $52.



I ordered flowers for mothers day.. Never arrived.. They refuse to refund claiming that "it was delivered".




company is a complete scam! TRIED to order flowers for mothers day.

they took order guaranteed would arrive. also said they would send email confirmation. when I didnt receive my confirmation I got suspicious and started reading all the NEGATIVE reviews. called the company and ofcourse decline everything and play all innocent.

I asked them how they could look at themselves in the mirror every day knowing they are rippin people off all day long. Hope they get paid more than minimum wage to be a *** bag!!

Wesley Berry Flowers - Sent an automated "unable to deliver" message THE SAME DAY OF DELIVERY for mothers day flowers. BAD.

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Wesley berry flowers charged an absurd amount to deliver.

Then, the day of delivery (the day before mother's day, because they don't deliver on Sundays) they sent an automated e-mail saying "Sorry, weren't able to deliver. Here's your money back."

I really don't care about the money, I wanted my mom to have roses delivered for mothers day.

I am extremely upset, extremely disappointed, and I sincerely wish with all my heart that this company goes out of business, and soon.

Whatever you do, do not order anything from this company. They are an absolutely awful failure of a service. I would be so ashamed to be affiliated with them in any way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $70.



I am with Shelley, my money has never been refunded and the flowers were never delivered on Mother's Day! I have called their *** anwsering service 3 times and have not recieved a call back. I emailed them and recieved an email offering me a $30 credit for future purchases???wtf They haven't even delivered my first purchase!


well at least they gave you money back. I ordered flowers for Mothers Day and they were NEVER DELIVERED!!

I have had to file disputes with my credit card company and the BBB.

Attorney General is next! What a SCAM!!

Disgusted at Wesley Berry Flowers!

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I am absolutely disgusted with their service. I ordered flowers but then canceled the order literally 10 minutes after. I talked to a woman and she confirmed my cancellation so of course I thought it went through right? In 2 days, I receive a text from my boss saying thank you for the flowers.... whaat???

First of all, I had ordered the flowers to be SAME DAY delivery on Monday but they arrived on Wednesday. What the heck?? Also, I already canceled the order!

Then they say please to call back in 24 hours. Then another 24 hours. Then 48 hours. Then they say they're SOOOOOO busy that they need the weekend to review ALL the calls. Of course, I'm the only one calling back. So I call on Monday and they have not "gotten to my call" yet, even though I provided the time & date. I just got off the phone with them (Tuesday) and they are giving me the same story. I seriously think they are shirking my calls and hoping that I'll just forget everything.

What a load of BS. I told the girl, Kerry (since apparently their names are so freaking important) to tell Wanda the "manager" to give me a call. GIVE. ME. MY. CALL. Also, I told her that I will be calling twice a day, EVERY DAY until someone "reviews my call" so that I can get my order refunded. OH IT IS ON. It's not even about my money anymore, it's about principle and horrible business conduct.

Funny thing too, I mentioned in an email that they had such bad reviews and their response was "well of course, only the BAD reviews get placed online." O REALLY? What about all of the 4-5 star reviews on Yelp? Do they not matter? What a dumb response. That's exactly how a vendor would respond to their horrible reviews. How about let's try to FIX the actual business and not make excuses and lie??

It's been 2 weeks and I've called every single day, talking to Mike O. Kerry, Melissa, Wanda and Katie. (OH YES, I took everyone's names after that.) They said that I never called (OH REALLY. I DID ALL THIS BECAUSE I'M LYING?) and that nothing can happen.

They offer you a $30 credit for your "next purcahse" and I just laugh. You guys are disgusting. I talked to the "highest" person in charge who can't budge. The next higher person up is Wesley himself.


Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Wesley Berry Flowers - Scam or just a payment processing center

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(no stars actually)

They are either a scam or provide the worst service ever, i.e., no service other than processing your credit card payment. Regardless, if you want flowers delivered (late or ever), a reliable company that can confirm delivery and doesn't lie*, DO NOT USE WESLEY BERRY FLORIST.

I placed an order for my friend with cancer who went into surgery on November 12, 2010. Today is November 27, 2010 and WESLEY BERRY FLORIST, who happily took my money on November 15th first lied and sent me an email that the flowers were successfully delivered on Nov. 23 (no date or time mentioned). I emailed them back requesting delivery information. Then when I got another email on November 26th, stating successful delivery, I called. They told me they delivered them on Nov. 26 (that day). I asked them to email the date, time and location of delivery. They told me that was proprietary information. I finally broke down, and as tasteless as it was, called my friend's home. Her husband confirmed that they had never received any flowers from me. Thank God my friend is still alive. I am totally embarrassed. I just called to request a refund. Who knows if I'll ever get it.

*No libel here on my part. I am in possession of two emails from them on two different days stating the flowers were delivered. The recipient has never received the flowers. This is proof of a lie, saying something that isn't true.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.



I own and operate a brick and morter Flower Shop, and concur with Allie, we recieve the oders via FTD, TEleflora ,1-800Flowers, From you Flowers, and Wesley Berry. We do not get the amount of money you pay these companies, and on top of that we as florist pay a very large monthly membership fee to teleflora , 1800, ETC, to be able to apart of this!

I recommend ALL consumers to locate a LOCAL florist.

Tell them the item you are looking for and where you found it (an item number is especially helpful) we can search via the web in seconds and be able to tell you what substitutions would be neccessary if needed. do not take the easy way out an order via these big companies, especially when concerned about what the delivered product will be to your loved one/family or friend.


Wesley Berry Flowers, much like 1-800Flowers, From You Flowers and Just Flowers are scams. What they are is a call center the happily charges you and then takes a HUGE chunk of that money from the "total order".

They then turn around and try to send that order to a florist at a fraction of what the customer paid Wesley Berry. That florist, a real, brick and mortar shop that is typically locally owned and operated, is then stuck trying to fill an order without enough money. I know this because I work at a local florist.

If you want truly beautiful flowers and great customer service, then contact your LOCAL florist in your town or the town you're trying to send to. DO NOT use any of these "1-800" florists, they are a rip off.


I ordered flowers for my sister to be delivered same day. They ended up calling me at the end of the day telling me there was no such address.

Well sis has lived there for 2 years in her new home so she ended up getting the flowers the next day.

Also they did not send the flowers I requested but what they did send was cute. I would never use this company


Did not deliver what was ordered. I ordered ultra contempoary bouquet of Anthuriums - they delivered ugly spring bouquet in cheap vase with ribbons and butterflys. I will dispute this transaction.

Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States #228212

This company took my money for my mother's birthday flowers. The day the flowers were to be delivered, I received a morning email from the company informing me the flowers had been delivered to her.

I waited an hour later, called my mother to find out that no flowers were ever delivered! I called the company. Spoke to Cody in Customer Service who told me someone would call me back immediately to resolve the problem. No one called me.

I saved every email I sent to the company inquiring about my mother's flowers. I finally received two emails from the company at 6:30pm! First email said the flowers were NOT delivered and couldn't be and I would receive a full refund. The second email was from Tammy Manzella that she was sorry that my flowers were not delivered and how she waited until the end of the day to tell me!

She told me I would get a full refund. Guess what? My mother's flowers were never delivered and still do not have my money! I am contacting the bank to open a dispute.

Have you or anyone else you know have this experience with this company? I recommend every angry consumer to contact Better Business Bureau (Google them), file a complaint agains this company, then contact your state's Attorney General's office regarding fraud and consumer affairs. You can find out more about this company by entering the company's name in the Better Business Bureau's website.

It will tell you the name of the owner, Daniel, and contact information regarding his businesses. It will also show you the amount of complaints made against this company in the last 36 months, you will be shocked!

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Wesley Berry Flowers - Never use wesley berry


Never, Never, Never Ever use Wesley Berry. Ordered flowers for an Aunt's funeral and they were never delivered.!

Ordered 4 days ahead of funeral service and no delivery. Then they say, oh we put it in the "automatic *** by mistake", whatever that meant.??

Called and complained, and they had the gaul to offer to deliver the flowers someplace else.? Where else would I want them delivered.? The funeral is over, my Aunt is buried, and I'm embarressed.! What a shoddy practice. Offering to deliver them (funderal flowers), someplace else.

They sure embarresed me,! Never use Wesley Berry. I will never use them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Wesley Berry Flowers - Wesley Berry Florist Inc - Do Not Order From Them

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Yesterday, I ordered flowers for my uncle in the hospital. I used their online order form and I immediately called the 800 number to ask if I would receive a delivery confirmation. The woman who answered said they do not give delivery confirmations, and told me to call back "before 7 pm).

I called back at 6 pm. and reached a 24-hour staffed hotline. I had no idea they were located in Michigan. Since the customer service rep didn't know whether or not the flowers had been delivered, I called the hospital - THEY HAD NOT BEEN DELIVERED.

The customer service rep took down my information and assured me someone would call me this morning. Of course, they did not. I called the 800 number again. I reached a very bitchy sales rep who said, "Oh, your uncle is in the ICU and can't receive flowers." "I already CALLED the ICU, and they said he CAN receive flowers," I told her. "Oh, OK, then we'll deliver them," she said.

This was too much. I told her to cancel the order and refund my credit card. She actually HUNG UP on me. I had to call AGAIN, speak to a supervisor, and get confirmation that my credit card would be refunded.

Wesley Berry Florist is rude, incompetent - don't order from them. Better to find a florist that is, oh, I dont know - actually in the state/city you need your flowers to be delivered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.