Ordered on Friday, confirmed on Saturday for a Sunday delivery in Spokane, WA. Email on Sunday that order was delayed, would send soon as possible.

No answer to my emails or phone calls on Sunday or Monday. Requested cancellation and refund since delivery was not made as confirmed. No answer. On Tuesday received email order was in transit and later a confirmation of delivery.

Two days late for a special lady on her special birthday turning 90 years old. Site I started with was Flower Delivery express, nationwide, same day delivery, etc. I gave zip code for florist in that area and Wesley Berry came into my life. Of course, no refunds on orders already delivered.

Worst customer service I have ever had regarding flowers. wish I would have read all the reviews before I joined the long list of unhappy consumers.

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So many of us made the same mistake with WB. File a complaint with the BBB.

People need to know to they have rights when it comes to this company.

GO TO THE BBB:.org and file a complaint'. Follow the prompts on each page,. DO NOT accept the resolution until you see the money refunded, IN your account (checking or credit card)!. DO NOT use the credits that the company sends you..

All those will do is ring up more charges for you to dispute|. This company is stealing money from people|.

They are shameful.. Follow through and get your money back, bbb.org


I had a similar experience with Wesleys Berries on Feb 23rd. I, too, could not get anyone to respond to my many phone calls & emails.

When they finally did respond, it was to tell me they were refunding only a portion of my $55.20.

They intended to keep over $23.00 for fees! ( I had paid $17.99 for Same-Day delivery!)

My answer was to file a charge back or dispute with my credit card company.

On 2/29, the full $55.20 was deposited back into my account due to my winning the dispute. I beleive Wesleys will also be hit with a fine for losing the dispute as well!

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