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Ordered a birthday bouquet, balloon and stuffed animal for my Best Friend's birthday party as I was not able to attend the party. It was important to me for her to know I was "there in spirit" and that I had not fogotten about her.

It had been 20 years since I have been able to celebrate her birthday with her as I recently reconnected with her after moving back to my hometown. It was super important for this delivery to make it and ordered same day delivery. What I got was a total run around from the customer service when I realized that this company did not process online orders like other florists I have used in the past......form letter order confirmation with NO TRACKING. So, concerned, I called customer service.

Requested a delivery status...they could not give me one but did say it would more than likely be delivered that day...more than likely??? Please! I paid an extra $20 to ensure it would be delivered same day. I also send emails once I could no longer get through to them on the phone as it was getting later and later in the day.......long story short....I paid....stressed out....and order did not get delivered at all.

I say DO NOT ORDER from this company. I really wish I could have googled them first to see all the other negative comments and bad ordering experiences other people had with them...had I known...I would NOT have used them. Soooooooo Pissed!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

Ruined my day, night and birthday surprise for someone who means the world to me. Wesley Berry Flowers YOU SUCK!!!!

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I too am a disgruntled Wesley William/ Flower Delivery Express customer. I never did receive the flowers I was twice prommised so..I began researching this company and they are scam artist extraordinaire! They delete most negative FB comments as soon as they respond. They have blocked me for my negative comments so I am sending PMs to let ppl know a few things.....

They have a bad rep for not sending what is ordered. They have a "spoof" better business bureau site under their name on google...this is to make you think you have filed a legit claim when it actually goes right to them.

Their offer of $$$ of your next order will still cost you at least $20, probably more.

One thing I think might be effective is to complain to the FTD. They are an affiliate, and FTD IS a reputable company and wants to stay that way. They recommended I file a complaint with the real BBB (google directly not the one under Wesley Berry) and to call them to let them be aware of any issues.

These people need to be stopped!!!! I even think a class action law suit would be in order to assure refunds where refunds are due.

I will keep in touch if I learn more but for now you can do the things I mentioned above.



File a complaint with the Michigan Better Business Bureau that's where they are located they don't have shops across the United States like they try to make consumers believe....

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