Wesley Berry Flowers - Flower Basket Review from Mckinney, Texas

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Never received the flowers! Spent $70.

No flowers! Called for refund, sent me to 4 different people. Offered me a credit of $25. Then had the nerve to charge my card 2 more times in the process of supposedly refunding me.

They purposely transfer you & place you on hold so you give up. This company is a sham.

They commit fraud. Filed complaint with Better Business Bureau & have to go through the headache of disputing with my bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Flower Basket.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Wesley Berry Flowers - FRAUD!!!!!

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This flower shop is a TOTAL ripoff and I would never recommend them to anyone. We ordered a Farmer's Morning bouquet as a sympathy for a co-worker.

We paid the extra $25 for for the "exquisite upgrade". Paid $4.99 for an enclosure card, a vase ...MoreThis flower shop is a TOTAL ripoff and I would never recommend them to anyone. We ordered a Farmer's Morning bouquet as a sympathy for a co-worker. We paid the extra $25 for for the "exquisite upgrade".

Paid $4.99 for an enclosure card, a vase/service fee of $6.99, a same day rush fee of $6.99, a SERVICE fee of $19.99 (for what?!?!), an handling fee of $3.99 and a Sales fee of $20.69. The total for this order with a "discount" we received was $118.63. When our co-worker returned to the office, I asked if she had received the flowers. She said she received a small bouquet....I was shocked since we spent this kind of money and spent $25 for an upgrade.

Today she brought the flowers in...I could have done better going to my local grocery store or Walmart to pick up flowers! This is a TINYU bouquet.

Trying to get through to Customer Service has also been a nightmare. NEVER order from this scam of a company!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Flower Basket.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $119.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: All the service fees, Totally ridiculous.

Wesley Berry Flowers - Calm down guys, this is how I kick WBF's ***

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Okay, I ll spread it in two parts.

1. Angry-pissed-cursing-complaining-but dont know what to do

Okay. the story is I ordered a set of flower on Valentine's Day 8.a.m, of course on the"flowerdeliveryexpress" web site, paid by "debit" card. But then, there was no news from my flowers at all, I told my gf there will be a surprise for her but she received nothing. I am so pissed that I know you are busy WBF I know you may make mistakes, but just tell me you cant deliver it on that day so that I can do something fixing the problem! Just let me know! But they did nothing. SO I shoot thousands of emails and made tons of phone calls, and as other customers, they are all thrown in sea, no reply at all, I am so pissed and disappointed and angry so I left messages on forum like pissed consumer, yelp, google+, complain board and BBB+ to show my anger.

2. But I realized that WBF even dont give a XXXK to these complains, guys do not put your hope on BBB+ complain because they will do NOTHING. You want to know why? WBF is such a terrible company and BBB+ gave them a rank A+. R U Kidding me? Is ranking A+ the bottom level? and there is ranking S, SS, SSS, SSSS, SSSS+?

So, I just called my BANK, guys this is the only way to get away from this situation. Call ur bank. If u r using Credit card, just call ur credit card company, they will dispute the transaction immediately, and if u r using debit card, just call the Bank Claim Department, and bank agent will try to dial the number which WBF gave them, this is the real number of WBF and will stop you from running around. And you can ask the agent of the bank to assist you with the call. WBF will give the full refund immediately, because the phone call is from the bank and the banking system is what WFB is fearing. Ranking in BBB means nothing, ranking in pissed consumer mean nothing, but ranking in banking system is everything to WBF because if they got a horrible banking rank, they will not receive any loan from bank for ever. Guys just call ur BANK.

Destroy WBF using the Banking system!


Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Flower Basket.

Monetary Loss: $140.


Round Lake, Illinois, United States #814544

I did call my bank to dispute, never thought to give them the phone number. I disputed this morning 5/12/14 and already have my money back at the end of the day.

I hate flowersdeliveredexpress immensely! Will never ever use them again!

Just happy I have a understanding mother in law and sister. I now owe them lunch which is what I should have done in the 1st place


go on twitter. They seem to be responding on twitter and leave everyone there a link to this site

Kennewick, Washington, United States #748243

bump. best post on this scam business on this site.

Wesley Berry Flowers - Wesley Berry Flower Delivery - dubious, errant service charges

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I ordered flowers to be delivered to my brother's family in Liverpool, NY. The website said "$20.00 off".

When I looked at my credit card bill they gave me the $20 off the arrangement price and then charged my card a $19.99 service charge and also a $4.20 handling charge. The company clerk said the 19.99 was for all the handling, putting together the flowers, delivering the flowers, and the website, everything (her words not mine). When I asked her about the H.C. she said that's the handling charge which covers everything else.

When I asked her to please explain everything else of everything she said just a minute. Then she returned to my call, I suppose she had to ask someone how to handle my questions. She told me she wouldn't refund my credit card but would give me a store credit. I live 2,000 miles away.

I won't do business with them ever again.

These service charges are a dishonest snare!

Don't risk these overbearing, surprise service charges. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - steer clear of Wesley Berry!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Flower Basket.



So sad they messed up such an important day...Wesley Berry Flowers is a flower shop in MICHIGAN ...they scam people by claiming they have locations everywhere...they take your order with no intention of filling the order with what YOU PICKED OUT....the flowers are not the same value as what they charge you EITHER...Please take a moment and file a complaint with the Micigan BBB...they have helped some get there money back...and just keep spreading the word NOT TO USE WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS...

Wesley Berry Flowers did not send right flowers

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I wished that I had seen this site before I ordered Wesley Berry Flowers. My tale of woe...My daughter had major surgery and we wanted to send her favorite flowers in an arrangement to cheer her up during her hospital stay.

I ordered a custom arrangement and paid extra for the same. What came was horrible. My granddaughter sent me a picture of the arrangement. I am surprised something even got to her because they spelled her last name incorrectly.

It was a good thing that she had a somewhat unusual first name and they got the last name first three letters correct. The arrangement had none of the flowers that I paid for, in fact, they sent flowers that I specifically said I did not want. I expressed that I wanted to stay with the three colors I had chosen, white carnations, purple iris, and pink stargazer lilies. What she got was orange roses (I did not want roses), one blue flower, several purple "stalks", some pink and white flowers, and other yellow and orange flowers.

I had requested a basket; the flowers were in a vase (although I will admit the vase was a nice one). The arrangement looked as if the florist took whatever flowers were laying around from other arrangements and stuffed the left-over flowers into a vase helter-skelter. It took at least a dozen calls to reach a "live" person, and only because I pushed the "order" button. I was told that they recorded all order calls and that my order would be listened to and I would hear back from them by the end of the week, and if I actually ordered something that was not delivered they would send it to her home.

(I ordered on Monday for a Monday delivery.) When I said that was unacceptable because my daughter might be home by then, but also might be still in the hospital. Annie, the person I talked to, said that I would be called by the end of the day with what they found out. Yeah, right, still haven't heard from them. What I did do today, Tuesday, September 25, was to call my credit card company immediately after I got off the phone with Annie, and disputed the charge.

I will not be paying them until this matter is resolved to MY satisfaction. They picked the wrong lady to "*** off." I can understand why they only post positive comments from "satisfied customers," but how do they manage all those awards at the bottom of their website? My next step is to report them to the BBB, AND I am going to report them to FTD.

I am pretty sure that FTD would like to hear from all of you who wrote to this site. Let's put a true face on this dispictable company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wesley Berry Flowers Flower Basket.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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