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I placed an order on Saturday morning (before 10 am) 5/8/10 the order said it would be delivered same day 5/8/10. During the day I get emails from them saying the order is being processed and all kinds of confirmations. At 6:37 pm I received this email from them:

Due to the high volume of deliveries for Mother's Day,

we regret to inform you your order number 00807459 for

delivery to JUDY MAYKA will be delayed until Monday, May 10th, or

Tuesday, May 11th. We will include a letter of apology and an

upgrade to your order.

We are very sorry to have inconvenienced you on this very

important holiday.

Please accept our most sincere apology.

Customer Relations

Wesley Berry Flowers

American Floral Delivery

Flower Delivery Express

To which I wrote this back:

This is not okay! I want my money refunded as I would have used a different florist had I known this was the case. The contract between us was for delivery TODAY MAY 8th you are not even trying for TOMORROW May 9th!!!

Refund my money immediately or I will be calling my credit card tomorrow.

I will also report this to the better business bureau as fraudulent practices.

To which I got this response back:

I have submitted your order for refund and you will be emailed once it has been returned to your card.


two days later the flowers show up (and look awful nothing like the picture -- definetly no upgrade). Fast forward three weeks I still haven't gotten a refund, have had multiple emails promising the refund, been given refund confirmation numbers etc. I called in today to Wesley Berry and the girl who I spoke with informed me there was no record of any of this on their files. They called me to let me know the flowers had been delivered and we were "all set"

ALL SET???? WHAT??? Wait a minute first I never received a phone call, second I cancelled the order so if they decided to deliver them that is not my problem I am still entitled to the refund. I have called my credit card company and done a chargeback which I didn't want to have to do but feel forced now. I have also cancelled my credit card associated with this transaction after reading other scary stories. I am calling the AG on Tuesday as well as the BBB.

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I too had a problem with them. I unfortunately waited till last minute to place an order for a Christmas delivery.

I called and placed and order on 12/22/2015 for a large $80 fruit basket (on sale today for $66.89) to be delivered to my aunt and uncle for next day delivery 12/23/2015. The lady went over my order 3 times. the next day, nothing was delivered so I called them 7 times after the first couple of times being told there was a problem with the credit card, then they couldn't find my order at all. Funny, my bank was showing the balance was pending withdrawal.

A gentlemen finally told me that he found my order and told me it would be delivered the next day (12/24/2015). My aunt and uncle called to let me know they had received a delivery. It was a small vase with about 5-7 blue and purple colored carnation. no greeting card attached at all.

What was delivered was priced at about $27 on their web site. This was NOT what I had ordered at all. They have since refunded my money. But my goodness!

Really what a Christmas nightmare. And my aunt and uncle didn't even receive what I asked for. I would advise you to NEVER use this place. Wesley Berry Florist are crooks.

I honestly believe that they had no intentions of delivering anything at all until I called so many times then they had to do something. I then when it was completely wrong and I called again nearly 5 times they finally agreed to refund my money.

Collins, Iowa, United States #1081621

This company is pure filth

Ordered flowers that were 27 but was debt 61 than the flowers nerver arrived

It was my grandma 80th birthday

to Deanna Cox #1081624

They won't get my business

This sickness me stealing hard earned money from folks at this time is disgusting!!!

Sorry there are gross people like this.

Luckas smith


Please DO NOT give them your hard earned money. I paid for a large orchid arrangement for my assistant principal and she received a very small carnation arrangement.

I paid $85.00 for something I could have purchased at a grocery store for $15.00. They refuse my calls, putting me on hold and then repeatedly disconnecting the line.

They are in the Phillipines with no connection to the United States and refuse to rectify the problem. It is horrible and embarrassing.





Wesley Berry Flowers. What a rip-off.

They say they are in route on-line.

They say that for 12 hours.

Then you log-in and the web-site is down.

You call and you are put in a circular ***, eventually they hang-up

The add sales, handling etc. What should be $34 ends up being $83.10


The worst customer service ever and never delivered my flowers. They suck.

I hope they belly up. You have to be *** to buy after reading reviews

to Anonymous #1032882

My stepmom places an order as a surprise for my bday. Same situation.

I didn't receive order, she was told they were located in my town. She was told same day delivery. They are quick to take your card info down but not answer your questions regarding your order!

Do not order from them. Report them

Depoe Bay, Oregon, United States #921904

Thank you guys for posting this, I was just going to use this company and went to find a coupon code only to stumble across these reviews! No thank you!!!!!

Thank you for posting your review and saving others


I just left the last dissatisfied comment. it is unfortunate because most likely these comments will go unnoticed and the company will go unaffected. perhaps you guys can go on their facebook page and cause a stir or like the hate page created for them.


I ordered Magnolias to be delivered on a friday at 6:00 PM. i was told the flowers and delivery time would be no problem at all.

at 6:30 i called to see why my flowers had not been delivered yet. then 7:00, then 8:00, then 9:00, etc, etc. the only answer i ever received was "we're sorry, we will look into the issue." i must have called them 20 times until they finally delivered some half dead bouquet of garbage nearly 14 hours late. i then called another 10 times complaining and and attempting to resolve the issue.

they never helped me. i filed a claim that was temporarily awarded just to be removed 2 months later. Wesley Berry's provided proof that "some flowers were delivered and no complaints made." HAHAH WHAT?!? the transaction was upheld because some incorrect, wilted flowers were delivered 14 hours late?

also their justification was "no complaints were made?" i have around 15 emails and phone calls complaining on the overall service and product.

the $90 charge was upheld, and i am out the money for what looks like something the delivery man scooped up out of my grandma's garden after being trampled by the neighborhood dogs. TERRIBLE COMPANY


DO NOT ORDER FLOWERS FROM THESE PEOPLE - EVER! And if anyone knows how to get their website delisted, we that are less computer savvy would appreciate your efforts! SCAM, RIPOFF, FRAUD - I hope they get what is coming to them.

Allen Park, Michigan, United States #813208

Wesley Berry has done several arrangements for me over the years. Once, Wesley's wife made me an arrangement herself personally.

They are a great family and are hard workers!

I am surprised to read the negative comments. I know they will make this right.


DO NOT BUY FLOWERS FROM FTD- Wesley Berry. I ordered flowers yesterday around 1p and paid extra for speedy delivery!

Needless to say, they still HAVE NOT delivered the flowers! I have emailed, called and have had NO RESPONSE!!!! I already have my bank taking the payment for SPEEDY delivery off.

If they are not delivered today, I will have the bank put a fraud alert on them and get all my money returned! Afterall, it is fraud when they take payment and do not deliver the goods!

Dana Point, California, United States #724502

As an update, I just called my bank and reported fraud. They reimbursed me. Still no flowers.

Dana Point, California, United States #724122

SAME THING Just Happened to me! I ordered flowers on Friday.

Nothing was delivered. I was told that the flowers were left on the porch. My sister was home all day. I have now called at least 8 times, sent 2 emails,and have received very poor customer service up until this point (currently on the line) when a customer service rep by the name of Tracy has promised to resend the delivery as an updated boquet.

We will see, but I am not hopeful at this point. Oh, they are not able to reimburse me because the order has been confirmed as delivered 3 times! and the first call I made, I was instructed to follow up the next day.

Will NOT use this service again. Use only if you like to spend hard earned money and valuable time for NOTHING>

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #719083

they got me too

Columbus, Ohio, United States #713001

Hello My name is MelissaI ordered flowers for my mother’s birthday on 8/28/2013 to be delivered in key west Florida on 8/30/2013. To our surprise they were left on the door step.

No one attempted to knock on the door because there was someone home all day. My mother posted pictures on Facebook. When I see the flowers I thought to myself “who sent her dead flowers? Just wait till she sees mine!!!

Two dozen beautiful multicolored roses!!” Again to my surprise those were my roses that I sent her!! I cried!!! She attempted to put the few live flowers in the front of the vase and take a picture to not hurt my feelings. I called and complained and was assured on Tuesday the 3rd of August she would have new flowers delivered, and I would receive a $40.00 credit.

Once again Tuesday comes and the flowers look WORSE THAN THE FIRST SET!!! I called again!!! They said to send the pics of the flowers… I did… Today I get an email that I have a $31.00 credit and no response to my email. I called AGAIN!!

To only be told that they could give me a $40.00 credit! REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I am supposed to even believe that after I didn’t even get the full $40.00 the first time….. so I am attempting one more time to get an answer….

If I have no luck I will go on social media, every site I can log myself into and begin letting the public know exactly what my experience has been.

I work in the health care field and we send lotssss of flowers and have lots of word to mouth…. Please help me with this matter ASAP

Sedona, Arizona, United States #711027

This company is a SCAM ! They lie a lot. Told us that the flowers

were delivered. They were not. When asking them , as to who signed for them, they say that the delivery dept will call in 2-4 hours.

Guess what ? No phone call.


San Antonio, Texas, United States #686826

I placed my order on 7/22 for delivery on 7/23. The flowers were never delivered.

I noticed there was no phone number on my order confirmation that was printed out, so I looked it up and called. After holding for quite some time, I spoke with someone who told me the reason it was not delivered yesterday is because they had to farm it out to another florist because they don't deliver in that area (10 minutes from the center of downtown in one of the 10 largest cities in America). She said I would receive an email for a $40 off coupon and assured me the delivery would take place today. Well, it didn't and the email never came either.

I called them again a few minutes ago and was then told that the "reason" why my order didn't get delivered today was that the florist didn't have the correct container!!!! Then when I told her I was canceling my order and that the pending charge on my card better not post tonight, she said it would, but they will be sure and refund me within 5-7 business days. Hah! I am calling my bank first thing in the morning to dispute the charge.

I also called FTD to report it since their site has the FTD trusted logo, but was told that they can only take complaints for orders actually placed with FTD directly. WHAT A RACKET!!!!!

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