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I ended up having to quit Wesley Berry Flowers for their horrible working conditions, rude bosses and terrible practices. They do not care what you order, they will send what is available, no matter what the day is.

They claim to care about the customer but the only thing we are allowed to even offer is a store credit. When I was a worker at Wesley Berry Flowers, I would do my best with replacements but I got in trouble because this was becoming too much work and I was told I was "TO ACCOMIDATING". When people order online they undercut the flowers and take most of the consumers money instead of putting it towards the flowers. BE ADVISED when ordering from Wesley Berry Flowers,,,

Wesley Berry is nothing but a scam artist who takes people for their money and does not deliver. They only made this right because it was on television, otherwise, they would have just offered more store credits. I feel bad for people who order from Wesley Berry Flowers because they loose money. PLEASE be smart with your money and DO NOT order from them.

They will take 15.99 for a "service fee" and a Michigan tax of 6%, he will also TAX any coupons that you might have, and not even inform you, these fee's are not refundable. After they take your money they send out your order to a shop near by and THAT shop takes out a delivery fee from what you are supposed to have paid for the flowers.

Example, If you paid $40 for a bouquet, $15.99 for the service fee, you would only get about $25 dollars worth of flowers and that includes the vase. Good luck with anyone who attempts them.

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Please take a few minutes and file a complaint with the BBB of Michigan. This is a Michigan florist who also operates a call center on the premises.

He gets customers by not allowing people answering the phones to let the customer know I'm not located in that city. Some customer reps have gone as far as to say I'm twenty minutes from there...when there is Miami Florida and the customer rep is in Michigan. This company needs to be held accountable for misleading customers on the phone about location and the product being delivered. When you order from Wesley Berry Flowers for holiday delivery amd it's going anywhere besides metro Detroit area you will probably end up with flowers thrown in a box and shipped fed ex from Michigan to the address you requested a flower shop to deliver to.

Why does this happen because Wesley Berry Flowers charged you for a deliver they know they are unable to make so by some miracle substitution policy they are able to ship flowers in the mail to you and feel it's just fine. Sorry they burned you too...for future flower buyers sake please take a few minutes and file a complaint.

Thanks. .....we can change things...


this company eats dicc for breakfast


Maybe if u weren't such a *** u would be able tp handle working with angry customers, u can't make everyone happy especially women who haven't gotten off once in there lifetime. But ur big girl pants on and step out into the real world princess. What a joke!!

#432266'd know that everyone on here is merely 3% of 100%. There's a 97% success rate with the company.

Unfortunately with any company there's a margin of failure, but as a whole they try to accommodate for mishaps. It seems to me that every one here has forgotten that the world owes you nothing, and that we owe the world everything. The sad fact is that people think it's like a fast food joint where you're going to get 100% of what you paid back, AND have product to gloat about.

What a sad bunch of *** American consumer sheep we've all become, eh?

Regardless, bad word sadly carries about 3x more weight than the good reports, and let's face it, when is the last time any of you had anything positive to say about an experience you had with ANY company.. I don't see your IP Addresses listed on any pleased-consumer reporting sites.

Here's a word to the wise- READ POLICIES. You read them before you sign legal contracts, leases, rental agreements, etc- right? The "About Us" section of their website's isn't long *AT ALL*... Takes less than a minute to read if you can comprehend the English language.

Oh, and my delivery was beautiful, on time, and during the Valentine's Day Massacre you're all so eager to *** and moan about. Just saying..

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