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I ordered an arrangement of flowers for a friends mother who lost a family member. We live in different towns so I was unsure about who to call and how to order them.

I came across Wesley Berry Flowers and their prices seemed reasonable. I ordered the flowers to be delivered the same day. I got a confirmation email that same day saying my order was processed. I called the next day to confirm they were delivered and never got a straight answer as to yes or no.

I went online to find another phone number and saw a lot of things saying they were fraud. I emailed them that same day asking them to cancel my order and never got an email back. I called again that same day and still never got a clear answer. The money was taken out of my account the following day and still no flowers were delivered.

I called again and still was unable to talk to anyone but the person at the call center who is not actually working at the florist.

I had to cancel my debit card because they have all my information and reported the charge as fraud because I paid for something that was never delivered. Lets just say I learned my lesson about ordering online!

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Dear "true" if you still havent gotten your money back I would consider taking the case to your bank. I printed out everything that I had regarding my situation and reported it as fraud because i paid for something that I never got.

Katie F...

I contacted your company multiple times and it was the same every time.

Thanks for trying but I can see that you have LOTS of unhappy customers... I couldn't work for a company like this..


My worst experience ever! I'm waiting on a refund in 3-5 days.

Spoke to the manager this morning after being told there was nothing they could do but offer credit. I never recieved the flowers.

Dealing with the death of my uncle then having to deal with rude customer service. I warn everyone I meet this company is fraud!



I am sorry to hear that you did not recieve the arrangement that we promised to deliver. It should not have been so difficult for you to get a hold of us, and we have no excuse for not communicating with you properly.

I would really like to look into your order to see where we went wrong, and what more we can do for you. If you are able, please send me your order number or any other useful information that will allow me to access your order. You can contact me directly at or 248.669.5034.

I hope to hear from you,

Kaity F.

Wesley Berry Flowers

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