I ordered flowers for my daughter on Valentines Day. I got a note on the 15th that told me they would be late.

The flowers showed up three days late only to be the wrong flowers and belonging to another girl. She too missed out on flowers and a note from her parents. Mixing up an address might be understandable in the same neighborhood but these were from a different city and state. I called and asked for refund.

They would refund if my daughter drove approx. 15 miles each way to return.

There is little recourse but to post this issue. To ask her to spend an hour of her time, gas, and effort to return the flowers transforms a well intentioned gift into a curse.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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I'm very sorry to hear how he has scammed you out of money. This happens a lot and it is unfortunate but you will not get your money back.

He probably FedExed your order and did not give you the amount of flowers you paid for you.

Unfortunately, the best bet for you is to go through your credit company to get your money back. Or you can email him at wes@800wesleys.com


People need to know to they have rights when it comes to this company. GO TO THE BBB.org and file a complaint.

Follow the prompts on each page. DO NOT accept the resolution until you see the money refunded, IN your account (checking or credit card). DO NOT use the credits that the company sends you. All those will do is ring up more charges for you to dispute.

This company is stealing money from people.

They are shameful. Follow through and get your money back, bbb.org

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