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I ordered flowers online for same day delivery on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 for $60.89. They were never delivered. I called the company later that day and emailed with no response. Same thing on 4/17/13, a phone call and email were not responded to by anyone at the company.

Today 4/18/13, I just spent over an hour trying to actually get ahold of someone who could help me. Their automated system says "Press 2 for existing orders" and I found out that always leads to an answering machine. So I pressed "1". Each person gave me a new 1-800 or 1-866 number to call.

Here are the numbers I was given:

1-800-937-5397 (via an email from the company the date I ordered the flowers)

248-987-0449 (via the first lady I spoke with regarding the issue on 4/18/13)

1-866-233-2186 (via the third person I spoke to on 4/18/13)

I wonder how many phone numbers this company has to try and cover its tracks. What a scam. That was the first red flag. Each person I reached said they are only an answering service and can't help. I asked to speak to a supervisor and one person actually hung up on me. One lady even lied and said her computer was down but this was after she said she was looking up the order. Another lady right away said, "which flowers did you order" instead of asking for an order number, my name, date ordered, anything. Another red flag right there. The last person I talked to took all my information including my request for a full refund. She said someone would call me back. I highly doubt I will be getting a phone call, but we'll see.

I ordered these flowers to be a blessing to someone hurting from a death and this experience has been like a curse for me. They should be ashamed.

I see how they think this is a perfect scam because most people use a credit card, pay for the flowers, and assume they were sent. So sad.

I think their website should be taken down as well so no more people can fall victim to their crime.

Here are other sites I found with complaints on this company:

http://wesley-berry-flowers-reviews.measuredup.c /> />

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $61.

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San Diego, California, United States #838405

This company is a scam, I paid $132 for flower delivery to my Uncle's funeral and it was never delivered, they never responded any of my messages. DO NOT TRUST THIS company.

I have never left any comments on any website but this scam company made me so mad and embarrassed in front of my family that I will leave as many negative feedback I possibly can.

If you don't trust me call their customer service number and select option two to followup on your order, you get to a speaking robot every single time and they never reply.....FUNFACT: they still charged my credit card for a flower that never got delivered !!!! RUN AWAY


Wow! You’ve certainly done a great job by posting this bit of information for the benefit of us viewers. It’s so great to know that the Internet is not a dumb place after all.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #788724

I order from them and took them 4 days to deliver the flowers and they were not the ones I asked for and the bear was not what I asked for and I would love to bring these devils down its sad but if I can't bring them down I know God is watching them soon their day well come. :(


I ordered flowers for a funeral on feb 11th 2014 and asked for them to be delivered on 12th by 1pm they never were delivered but they took my money out my account before the service so it was much to my surprise to see there were no flowers close to $100 worth of flowers. I emailed and called more than I can count and have yet talked to a person and it is 1 week ago that I placed the order.I ordered the flowers from what I thought was a local flowerist in Fridley MN to find out the company later was out of MI and not the 1st time they have done this.

Los Angeles, California, United States #785427

I finally did get my money back when I complained to the Better Business Bureau. I also found the company's CEO on linked in and sent a nasty message to him.

to Laura #786471

Can I ask how you managed to get your money back I am still waiting to hear from them on a order I placed for my grandmothers funeral ordered on the 11th and the flowers never showed up. I have called and emailed many times with no response.

to disappointed #786485

Go to the Better business Bureau's website a file a formal complaint.

Bicester, England, United Kingdom #785416

Done same to me ordered flowers for 14th feb valentines! Didnt arrive, don't expect they will massively dissapointed,

Dissatisfied to say the least!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #648921

I really wish I had looked up Wesley Berry Flowers online before placing my order. I ordered flowers for my mother-in-law for mother's day.

They were supposed to be delivered yesterday and nothing. I tried to call and got the same message - that it would be faster if I sent an email.

Five hours late I still haven't heard anything but they have my money.

How can this company still exist??? What can we do to shut them down and stop scamming people that are trying to brighten up a loved one's day?

to Furious Los Angeles, California, United States #648932

I'm really sorry that you had this happen to you as well. I'm not sure how we can shut them down. Somehow they have managed to fix the complaints they get so they can keep going on. I'm sure many people never realize that their flowers were never sent.

The 4 things I did to get my money back right away were: I looked up the Leslie flowers CEO on Linked In. Then I sent him a private message with my complaint. The next thing I did was go onto the better business bureau and submit a complaint. Also I left a very long and nasty message on their voicemail. I also asked the person I actually talked with to submit a formal request that I want a refund immediately!! Lastly, I submitted a complaint to the attorney general in Michigan where their business headquarters are located.

Yes, it was a hassle. But I don't think they should be able to get away with this. It makes me so mad. Good luck.

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