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Update by user Apr 01, 2016

I just want my money back!!! I've tried to resolve with CEO.

He gave me no refund only promos that don't work. I've tried over and over to work with them... They all lie and unprofessional. I'm out almost $60 and they refuse to return.

Greedy company. Many hidden fees too. They say they will believer same day... False!


They told me that they delivered to cover their xxx. I'm done with them.

Update by user Mar 25, 2016

The worse experience with their customer service. Still haven't received the flowers.

No delivery! Today is the third day from order online and I'll be calling again to find out why again there was no flowers delivered? I'll probably get the same answer "your flowers are in route to be delivered." That's all they know what to say. Seriously, they are robotic!

No answer to your basic questions like why didn't my flowers arrived? It seems like they are reading a script only. No real answers. It's all a scam.

No money returned neither. Their add on website says "100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED.".

That's false!!! It's NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!!!

Original review posted by user Mar 24, 2016

Hi. I had the worse experience with this company.

I ordered same day delivery and the flowers never got there. Still no delivery!!! I called four times there so-called customer service number and they were all rude and they didn't speak English well. I couldn't understand their fast tone language.

They couldn't answer my questions. I asked "Could you please tell me why the flowers were not delivered?". They all said the same thing "Yes, I see. The flowers are on their way.", I repeated the questioned.

They repeated the same answer "I see. The flowers are on the way." They all sounded like robots repeating themselves. They also said that I should get a receipt, but never got it by email. The worse part is that I paid for hidden fees and in a sneaky way they added hidden fees like Free Ship, but I had to pay "handling", which was $10, plus taxes, and without a vase.

Plus, the picture is deceiving because it shows flowers with vase but after I paid I noticed in a very well hidden place it saying "no vase". I paid $59.89 for one dozen of flowers w/o vase. What a rip off! When I tried to cancel they said I would get an email; Never got an email.

That's why I called so many times to cancel my order. Within literally 3 minutes after I placed the on line order, I called them to cancel because I thought it was too expensive and I was not happy on how they deceived me and others. After calling them four times and all of them kept repeating themselves, I asked for a manager. To top that off, there's "no manager available" each time I called.

The list is long on complaints. I still can't find headquarter phone number to reach them because obviously their so called customer service don't speak English. They all sound Asian. I have nothing against Asians.

I do have a problem with anyone who can not understand me to resolve a problem. So, it doesn't matter where they are from. That's not the point here. The main point is that they kept repeating themselves and didn't understand me or they kept reading a script to shut customers up.

To finish it and put a cherry on top of this problem... They have a "100%Money Back Guaranteed", which was one reason why I would buy from them. False Advertisment!!! They don't return our money.

They give you store credit not a refund! One rep said "I see you have $50 credit for next purchase.", I got really mad! I said to them "what?!, why did you give me a $50 credit?!, I paid $59.89 & and you said I'm getting $50 credit to buy more flowers from you?!!! I told the rep., "I'm sorry, but do you really think I would buy from you all again?!!!

I guess you do think I'm ***, which I'm not! The *** mistake was to buy from you all!!". This is a first for me. Plus, I can't seem to find headquarters number to file a complaint.

This is terrible! They ruined a surprise for the recipient of the flowers. That day will not returned.

I customer who is obvious disappointed. I'm calling my credit card to dispute the item.

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). Arellanoang is overall dissatisfied with Wesley Berry Flowers. The most disappointing about wesley berry flowers same day delivery service at Wesley Berry Flowers was being ripped off - very deceptive Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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As of today, I haven't received my refund nor have I heard from the CEO or any rep from that flower company. They ripped me off cold!

It's so sad that customers can not get refund or valid credits. Even the CEO sent me invalid promo codes. That laughed at me and I think I might be calling my local news media/channel so they can get involved.

I need help to get a refund. That's $60 that they ripped me off.

Please help! If the CEO doesn't care, you think his reps care? They are rude and don't speak English. Very, very, limited English.

All they do is repeat a scrip "you will get a email".

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