I ordered a bright get well arrangement from Wesley Berry Flowers called "Make A Wish" for my very ill, 92 year-old mother. She recently fractured a hip and is not doing very well. In fact, she may not be of this world much longer. I live 1,700 miles away so one of my sisters e-mailed me a picture of the flowers that were delivered.

I was absolutely stunned that the flowers that were delivered did not even remotely resemble what I ordered. I ordered an arrangement that had a lot of bright yellows and reds. The flowers that this company delivered were almost all shades of dark purple. It reminded me of something that you would send to a funeral. Yeah, they sent what I think is a funeral arrangement to an old lady who's probably in the last months or weeks of her life!

I immediately e-mailed the company and this was their initial response:

I do apologize for this, however we were put of some flowers and substituted with higher quality flowers. I am sending you a $30 store credit as our apology.

Thank you,


Tambra MacDonald

Customer Relations

I e-mailed back explaining that I'm not about to order any more flowers from them when they are refusing to make good on the first order. I said I would accept a new delivery of something that resembled what I ordered or a full refund. Their responses:

Please accept my sincere apology for the recent issue you had with my

company. Although I am sure it is of little consequence for you to hear, I

want to personally offer you my apology. I take your situation very

seriously. My family has owned and operated Wesley Berry Flowers since 1946,

and this is not the type of failure we take lightly

But words are cheap and it is easy to say we're sorry. So, I am offering you

a special credit off the next purchase you make with us online at

http://secure.wesleyberryflowers.com/. Simply use the promo code listed in

the subject line of this email during the checkout process to recieve your

savings. Progress all the way to the billing data screen and at that point

please enter in the special code (it is case sensitive) in the promotional

code box and refresh the screen. The store credit will be applied to the

cost of the product.

Unfortunately sometimes we fail and it appears that we have failed you,

again, I am sorry. It is clear your situation should have been handled in a

more professional way. Regardless to whether you choose to use this credit

or not, I want you to know I take all customer service issues seriously and

have discussed your situation with our entire management staff.

My Sincere Regrets,

Wesley Berry II



The order that was delivered was at higher value than the one you purchased since we had to make substitutions on this order. I will not be able to compensate with anything else than what we already have.

Thank you,


Josh Hetmanski

Customer Relations

I wish I had done a little research on this company before I placed my order. It would have saved me a lot of grief. They are operating a complete scam. Do not order any flowers through Wesley Berry Flowers. I don't plan on doing so ever again.

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I also experienced a SCAM! - I ordered same day delivery flowers for my mother's 60th birthday yesterday morning. They still have not arrived, and multiple calls to customer service fail to provide an explanation (where are these flowers?), offer an apology, or seek to remedy the situation in any way shape or form.

I also wish I had some research and had avoided this horrible company.

Save yourself they money and stress, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.


Wesley Berry Flowers is a horrible flower shop with locations only in Michigan and he portrays his shops as nationwide and emplyees are treated just as bad as the poor customers....Store credits are a joke....Customer reps aren't allowed to tell you up front they are not in the city you want your flowers delivered too...There are whole towns out there that will not fill orders from Wesley Berry Flowers because he sells things on line with 20 dollar coupons then doesn't honor them...They also charge 15.99 to take your order not for delivery charge a handling charge yeah a charge to handle your wallet while you get robbed...And they are famous for their WOW FACTOR ....Wow I didn't order that...I would love to see this company exposed for all it's shady doings...you give flowers a bad name...BUYER BEWARE OF OWNER.......


I received the same email apology--verbatim! It is nothing more than a form letter apology although well written.

Just a ploy to suck you in further. DON'T LET THEM DO IT!

Kaity WesleyBerryFlowers

I apologize that the flowers you ordered were not in stock when we made this delivery. I would like to see what more I can do to help you. Please contact me and I will take a closer look at your order to see why this arrangement was not replaced. My direct contact information is below, I can also assist you in redeeming your store credit and I will personally keep an eye on your order and make sure no substitutions are made.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Kaity F.

Wesley Berry Flowers



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