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I will never order from this company...I have to stress the word NEVER. They charged my wonderfully naive husband $67 for a product that was supposed to arrive on Valentines day!

He received an email at 2:30 on said day, saying there was a delay....and that it might not get to me until the next day. Well, it didn't show up that day either, or the day after that.

So....now that 3 days have passed and they still have our money, they sent us an email saying, they'll give us a $40 credit to their website. Uhh.....WTF is the rest of the money we spent? If we didn't receive the first item we ordered, why the *** would we order an additional item from them....after losing $67?

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Bouquet.

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This Company is a fraud.

No more to add.

Don't buy from them.

Their supervisors are rude and don't listen.

To be classified in ** garbage Company **.

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