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They never delivered a valentine's day order--never intended to, and never tried--and don't seem interested in trying.

This started when I ordered flowers through Teleflora for a friend in the hospital--the flowers were delivered, and I got a thank you note from Wesley Berry Scumbags Inc. asking for more of my business, offering a discount coupon. Like an ***, I ordered directly though them, without checking them out.

For the non-existent delievry they offered partial "a credit" toward a purchase because they contend the order was processed and prepared--upon tracing this claim it's apparent that's an outright lie. If they failed to deliver, they're effort to right the situation should be more than a busy phone line.

They should at least carry guns to dignify the robbery process.

Whoops...I guess it's difficult to dignify scumbags.

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They're website states very clearly that they will "attempt" to deliver on valentines day. The law says, if they even thought about doing it, then they "attempted" to do it.

So they are right, you are wrong. Read the delivery policies next time.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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