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My husband ordered an amazing arrangement of flowers for Valentine's day. He got the same flowers we had at our wedding; Calla Lilies, Stephanotis and lilac roses.

He put a lot of thought into what he wanted to do for me and thought this would be very special. I guess he felt like he'd better do good since he had to go out of the country for work and leave me alone on Valentine's day. So, thanks to Wesley Berry Flowers, I'm sitting at my desk at work crying. My flowers never came.

Almost every woman here has beautiful flowers on their desk. My husband is wonderful and he went above and beyond but that has been ruined. Due to severe phone trouble he's been having since he got to the Dominican Republic a few days ago, I got the order # and called the number my husband used to order them (which he did 5 days prior!) and they said they couldn't look up the order but someone would call me back within an hour. I called back after waiting the hour and, after holding for over 25 minutes, was told the previous person was wrong for telling me that and gave me another number to call.

I called that number and held for 42 minutes; they told me they couldn't look up the order and weren't sure why they gave me that number - they gave me a 3rd number. I called that number and was told they couldn't look up my order but would take a message and have someone call me...maybe today, maybe tomorrow. I'm not *** - I'm not getting a call. I have much more colorful words I'd like to use regarding this company but I won't.

I do hope they go out of business. I'm going to tell everyone I know not to use them. I'm just one person though; one very sad person. And my poor husband is so upset; totally feeling like it's his fault.

This is the absolute worst Valentine's day ever. Thank you Wesley Berry Flowers, I hope you burn.

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Horrible is an understatement. My mother-in-law did not get her bouqet.

When I called two days later to see why, I was put on hold for a very long time and offered no apology or even a refund. They offered to "put a few extra flowers" in the bouquet and a $30 company credit. Why would I even want to use their company again?

I have yet to receive the credit.The aplogy note that was sent with the flowers was more insulting than the flowers being sent 3 days late. DO NOT use this company.


total scam artists~ fraud


As an update, the flowers came at at 4:40pm. They were not at all what he ordered. It was a small, sad little arrangement of much cheaper flowers.

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