Sent flowers from Ohio for a funeral in Indiana. I guess they thought I'd never see them since they were sent to another state.

The arrangement wasn't what I ordered, they weren't fresh and was the worst arrangement I have ever seen, a lot of stems and not that many flowers. I was completely embarrassed when I saw them and apologued to the family. Wesley Berry offered a 60 dollar credit on my next order, no refund, just a credit.

They can keep their credit, I won't be ordering ANYTHING from them again. CMD from Medina Ohio

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Please take a few minutes and file a complaint with the BBB of Michigan. This is a Michigan florist who also operates a call center on the premises.

He gets customers by not allowing people answering the phones to let the customer know I'm not located in that city. Some customer reps have gone as far as to say I'm twenty minutes from there...when there is Miami Florida and the customer rep is in Michigan. This company needs to be held accountable for misleading customers on the phone about location and the product being delivered. When you order from Wesley Berry Flowers for holiday delivery amd it's going anywhere besides metro Detroit area you will probably end up with flowers thrown in a box and shipped fed ex from Michigan to the address you requested a flower shop to deliver to.

Why does this happen because Wesley Berry Flowers charged you for a deliver they know they are unable to make so by some miracle substitution policy they are able to ship flowers in the mail to you and feel it's just fine. Sorry they burned you too...for future flower buyers sake please take a few minutes and file a complaint.

Thanks. .....we can change things...


I'm very sorry to hear how he has scammed you out of money. Unfortunately, the best bet for you is to go through your credit company to get your money back. Or you can email him at wes@800wesleys.com

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