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If you are reading this and just had a interview with this company or scheduled to have one do not i repeat do not even attempt to work for this company. They don't screen ther employees, drug tests, interviews nothing.

It was so many people working there when I was that was on drugs. The owner is very disrespectful to all his employees including his wife she is very rude and you can tell racists just how she addresses people as if she's better.. Her husband will yell At you and disrespect you and if you say anything to object he fires you on the spot (I have seen this over 9 times with different genders and races) he is greedy and just all about making money. I have seen a lot of posts about them providing food for you and all this other stuff yes that is true but it's very unsanitary they leave the food out all day and recycles the unused food for the next time.

There was never a set schedule you are there from 7 am past I repeat past 7 pm and we would only get half hour lunches, the managers would litterally pick and choose rather we would get a hour lunch or a half hour lunch and we wouldn't find out until our name would pop up on a list and that they make up in the morning then " o it's only 30 minutes" but you have To be on the clock ten hours straight if not more Monday - Sunday two days off only if you don't have a star if you have a star it's one day a week off... Majority of the time we got half hour lunches..you will be sitting and can't use the bathroom unless u raise your hand and majority of the time u are waiting for ten other people to go ahead of u and they have also been waiting forever . I worked closely with his sons and family In the back office that they have for all the CEOs And we would hear them converse on how they would delete reviews or make up reviews ( his sons would) this place is a scam ... It's crazy how you see so many bad reviews from all the customers (it's way more bad reviews than good) but you come on this site and you see this is a great place to work..

Hmmmm if this is such a great place to work why are all your customers upset... You wanna know why because either they delete the comments or the owner has his sons write good reviews to mask the bad... And they spend hella money with Google to advertise them consistently... you type in local florist in Naperville what pops up them even though there in Michigan..

And then when a customers flowers don't show up cause they are thinking they called a local florist then and only then do we explain we are in Michigan... Smh it's very decieving practices.... Valentine's Day the owner has us sending out roses to replace people orders because we couldn't make it in time for Valentine's Day majority would be delivered dead because we send them from michigan so by the time they make it to Florida they are dead... Then he still wouldn't allow us to refund them it all depends if it fits within their stipulations..

Smh...Some days the owner would just walk in and say we aren't giving out any refunds to the customers and then we would have no explanation to why yesterday they could get a refund but today you can't... all we could say is this is the policy. I can go on an on about this place and there messed up practices but I wrote this review to help the next person who even thinks of working here to not and to pick that other job. I couldn't find another job for months because I had this place on my resume it wasn't until I removed them did I start getting calls left and right and i mean as soon as I took them off.

I am now at a great company making 16.50 a hour. This place needs to be out of business period.

Places like these give everyone a bad name in the flower business and hopefully this post beings awareness to this place anscone day I can ride by and see a sign saying out of business... I can then breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he is no longer treating his employees like *** and making hella money off scamming his customers out of money

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