After they screwed up my order and ruined my wifes Valentines day, I contacted the Florist Directly. Instead of the Deluxe $99 Boquet I ordered, Wesley Berry substituted a $67 bouquet on the order. I have been cheated and I will NOT stop here. Prosecution is in Order!

Why kind of *** does this?

The resulting delivery consisted of 8 pittiful Roses in a plain glass vase. a Far cray from the deluxe Boquet I ordered.

The Local Florist described how they cheated me and others and how the service charge is a rip off too.

What this company is doing is Nothing less than Criminal. The worst kind of ***!!!

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Littleton, Colorado, United States #1043985

I agree. I ordered an arrangement that was 44.95 after an original $40.00 off but by the time they added all their charges it was $105.00.

Some of the charges were for express delivery which was to happen yesterday. They sent me an email verification that the delivery was made late yesterday when, in fact, it was made at 11:30 this morning. Have phoned and emailed to no avail. The arrangement was not at all what was described.

Have placed a dispute on my credit card!!!

Absolutely NO customer service!! Fraudulent business practices.


Don't bother with the Munchigan BBB! they are on the take with "Berry Bery quite Contrary how can we *** too".

I notified the BBB there that Berry's "contact us page" listed the BBB link with A+ rating. Not only was the rating WRONG but when you click on the link it went to a page called "betterbusinesburea.wesleyberryDOTcom. It was a l

"look alike" BBB page that took complaints that abviously never went ANYWHERE but to file 13. The BBB reply to me stated the site "used" to piont to the BBB but was mistakenly change.

HOW DO YOU CREATE A FALSE WEBSITE AND POINT YOURS TO IT AND CALL IT A MISTAKE???? BBB was approached on several others issues and had complete deniabilty stateing Berry was an "accredited business" the BBB was on 60 Minutes a year back for their strong arming and are obviously as guilty as Wesley Berry Flowers when it comes to FRUADING the American people!


Wesley Berry gave the florist $67.00. After taking $10.00 delivery off, you will only have a $57.00 vase arrangement.

8 roses in a vase with greens and fillers are about right in Valentine's Day. But my whole point is, what happened to the missing $32.00?


I've started a facebook page dedicated to this subject "Wesley Berry Flowers SCAM". Plesae post your story and pictures of what you received.


We experienced the same BAIT & SWITCH as you did. Ordered $83 for a Teleflora Deluxe Possibly Pink arrangement, got the same lousy arrangement you did..worth maybe $5. And they are already dying.

We got the same email "sorry, here's your $40 store credit".

I've complained to them since Monday 2/13/12.

The one thing that finally worked was contacting the owner, Wesley Berry, on his www.linkedin.com profile by an inmail. I got a call within 30 minutes from Kaity Friske, 248-669-5034 x248. She has promised a FULL refund to our credit card within 5-7 business days.

Hoping this really does happen


Don't call the 1-800 number, all you will get is a busy tone, I called the number off the fedex shipping label.....call 248-668-2881. My flowers arrived a day late, I went on fedex with the tracking number and they didn't leave Michigan until after 9pm....and I am in Texas, plus we did not received the $8 Mylar balloon we ordered.......learning experience! I always google the company prior to ordering but online, but hubby doesn't....


Please take a few minutes and file a complaint with the BBB of Michigan. This is a Michigan florist who also operates a call center on the premises.

He gets customers by not allowing people answering the phones to let the customer know I'm not located in that city. Some customer reps have gone as far as to say I'm twenty minutes from there...when there is Miami Florida and the customer rep is in Michigan. This company needs to be held accountable for misleading customers on the phone about location and the product being delivered. When you order from Wesley Berry Flowers for holiday delivery amd it's going anywhere besides metro Detroit area you will probably end up with flowers thrown in a box and shipped fed ex from Michigan to the address you requested a flower shop to deliver to.

Why does this happen because Wesley Berry Flowers charged you for a deliver they know they are unable to make so by some miracle substitution policy they are able to ship flowers in the mail to you and feel it's just fine. Sorry they burned you too...for future flower buyers sake please take a few minutes and file a complaint.

Thanks. .....we can change things...

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