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I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wife at her place of business on 02/14/2012. The flowers arrived a day early on her day off, and they arrived FROZEN with several blooms already off the stems with the rest wilted. I enclosed a photo of the flowers in my second e-mail to them. I have asked for a refund which was denied and offered store credit. I informed the company that I had no desire to place another order with them and that I would be giving them a bad review. I was informed that only 5% of their orders were derived through online purchases. I am assuming that to infer my bad rating is inconsequential to them.

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Desired Settlement: Refund

Desired Outcome: Total item cost including handling and shipping charges is $51.00. I would like a complete refund as I had to make an additional purchase from a local florist for my wife for Valentine's day.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Bouquet.

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I would like to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions. After posting on here I received a call from WBF "corporate" offices and was issued a full refund.

I heard later that a cousin received flowers in the same shape in Little Rock.

Never give up people! Companies like this need to be made aware we are not sheep to be fleeced!


So many of us made the same mistake with WB. File a complaint with the BBB.

People need to know to they have rights when it comes to this company.

GO TO THE and file a complaint'. Follow the prompts on each page,. DO NOT accept the resolution until you see the money refunded, IN your account (checking or credit card)!. DO NOT use the credits that the company sends you..

All those will do is ring up more charges for you to dispute|. This company is stealing money from people|.

They are shameful.. Follow through and get your money back,


Please take a few minutes and file a complaint with the BBB of Michigan. This is a Michigan florist who also operates a call center on the premises.

He gets customers by not allowing people answering the phones to let the customer know I'm not located in that city. Some customer reps have gone as far as to say I'm twenty minutes from there...when there is Miami Florida and the customer rep is in Michigan. This company needs to be held accountable for misleading customers on the phone about location and the product being delivered. When you order from Wesley Berry Flowers for holiday delivery amd it's going anywhere besides metro Detroit area you will probably end up with flowers thrown in a box and shipped fed ex from Michigan to the address you requested a flower shop to deliver to.

Why does this happen because Wesley Berry Flowers charged you for a deliver they know they are unable to make so by some miracle substitution policy they are able to ship flowers in the mail to you and feel it's just fine. Sorry they burned you too...for future flower buyers sake please take a few minutes and file a complaint.

Thanks. .....we can change t


Contact the owner or the CEO named Katie. File a complaint to the bbb of michigan.

That's what I did and I finally got my full refund today after 2 weeks.

I also did a credit dispute with my bank. Good luck.

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