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Ordered Flowers online to what looked like a very legitimate website .

Ordered a vase of flowers for $40.00.. they bring you to the end after you have entered your card information ..

you click proceed and it takes you to the confirmation screen where you see that you now owe them $80.00. they have charged 5.00 for a vase (which they show as part of the flowers when you are choosing) they charge you 4.00 for the little card that you put the message on and they charged me 2.00 for something called a "tribute tree"??? I immediately called to cancel.. the customer service area is clearly out of the country..

they say they are transferring you to cancel but put you on hold and put you in a voicemail. Did this twice to me.

I immediately called to cancel my card. Hope everyone checks this before they order from this scam website.

This reviewer shared experience about pricing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Wesley Berry Flowers. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I also got ripped off by them. It's a complete scam.


Yes. I'd advise NOT ordering from WBF online.

There are hidden charges which you do NOT see, until AFTER you click 'purchase'. And when you call to cancel, Cust Serv is TRAINED to put you on-hold, for oblivion.


I can shed some light on the Tribute Tree Program, as it may be the most nefarious part of their whole scam, and I was a victim! FDE markets that a tree will be planted in honor or memory of someone, and a beautiful certificate will be delivered via email.

In my case, I ordered a tree planting in memory my son's girlfriend, both of whom were killed by a drugged driver on January 25, 2014. I thought it would be a life-affirming gift for Jackie's mom on her daughter's birthday. However, there is no tree and no certificate! After multiple calls, all I have is a corrupted file from an email address to which I cannot reply.

I don't know if I would believe that anyone would stoop so low for $1.99 if I hadn't experienced it first-hand! I guess all our $1.99s add up, huh?

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