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I ordered flowers on 12/23/2011 to be delivered by Christmas. I paid all of the additional fees so that they would be delivered on time.

I received an e-mail on the 12/26/2011 that the flowers could not be delivered because it was the holidays and that they were busy. They said the flowers would be delivered as soon as possible.

On 12/28/2011 I called Wesley Flowers and they said that it was an oversight & that they would send the out. I told them that I wanted my money refunded. They said that they needed to talk to a supervisor. I waited on the phone for a long time & then asked them to call me.

I received another e-mail telling me that the flowers would be sent out.

I called Wesley Flowers again. They told me that they would refund me $30.. My order totaled $60. They said that they could only refund for the flowers, not for the handling fee. I pointed out that they handled nothing since my flowers were never sent. They told me that I should have read the order form more closely. It states there that the handling fee is non refundable. I was charged $30 for nothing...??

Do NOT order from these people. It is a SCAM

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Kaity WesleyBerryFlowers

I'm sorry to hear that we were unable to deliver the flowers you requested. Please contact me directly so I can take a look at your order and see what more we can do for you.

Kaity F.

Wesley Berry Flowers

248-669-5034 or ceo.assistant@800wesleys.com

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