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Wesley Berry, *** me, if its an actual person and I ever got my hands on this little *** i would break his legs, i ordered some flowers three or four years ago for a friends birthday, they couldn't get the flowers to the person when i wanted them to so i cancelled them, since then i have been on their mailing list, i tried adding it to my SPAM filter but it adapted, its like the aids, there is no getting rid of it, they email me once a day telling me i have $50 of credit with them, er i am in England you ***, $50 is worth nothing to me, thats not even a lunch at a decent restaurant, i think they just email me to wind me up, "haha just emailing you to let you know we are still in business you ***". Never buy flowers from these *** and if Wesley Berry is real, and anyone knows where the little streak of *** lives, send me his address and i'll *** in an envelope and send it to him.

Much Love

Disgruntled English ***.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Flowers.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Wesley berry are still trading.

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He is very much real. He is a horrible man who makes his employees lie. He can be found most days at his commerce michigan location as he uses that as his corporate headquarters.

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