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I'm Very UPSET! I ordered my to-be wife flowers & candy for her birthday.$90.08 worth. I made a mistake on the 1st try so I Reordered.

I ended up having to call Wesley Berry flowers & was told "Don't worry"

We'll refund your money & all that B S!

Well, I finally decided to just shop locally here in southern Louisiana

for a gift & Cancelled the entire order. It'll be a week soon & I've been charged $90.08 TWICE!! $180.16 Total for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but HIGH Blood Pressure!

If it takes me having to go to Michigan You can rest Assured I Will & I'll be bringing with me an Army of Attorneys!


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I'm sorry for the frustration this entire process has caused you. Please contact me directly with your order information and I will personally make sure that this entire amount is refunded. I would also like to look and see how this happened and what the delay was.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Kaity F.

Wesley Berry Flowers

248-669-5034 or ceo.assistant@800wesleys.com

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