I worked for them, not pleasant being scripted on how to brush off.those who were ripped off. I will sah.this though.

We simply took the orders and.passed them on.to.a.local.florist ose to the recipient, from there they were responsa le to fill the orders and.deliver but we always toom the heat for it, people need to understand that, also when hou purchase smoothing online and you are asked to clicm on a. Button that says you agree to the terms, did hou bother to read them? If you did you would clearly state under delivery the service fee we chathe for using the service, I always read. Efore I comitt to buy anything.online, if you dont.your a.fool.dont.blame that on someone.else.

now as for how o.feel anojt where I worked, I felt it was wro.g for js.to.have to lie to cjstomers just to make them happy and get them off the phone and the store credit you beg is nothing since you know a fifth dollar crdit hour still going.to only bet thirty of it afterfees. After four weeks I couldnt.take it anymore when I.had a family emergency and asked to leave after already working 11 hours that day, we leave when they say we leave.

Tjey cant even keep 30 out of the 60 csr chairs filled people keep quitting and I See.wby. one.firl looked at me and said no one wants to work for bitler..

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