THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST! READ TO SEE EXACTLY WHY: I ordered two dozen roses for a surprise engagement and was assured they could arrive at a certain time, to surprise my new fiancee. Forty minutes late and they did not arrive, I called the company and after a 28 minute hold, they told me one story about an 'unplanned funeral', (huh?) and they would be 2 1/2 hours later. They did not show then either. We cancelled our lunch plans already and so I called again and then was told they would be there by 12:30-1:30 and that the original time was OUR MISTAKE, THERE WAS NO WAY THEY COULD DELIVER AT TEN. I then cancelled my order and explained my disappointment. When we were going to our next appointment at 1:40, the mad delivery man showed up and when we said we had cancelled, he STARTED CURSING AND YELLING, CAUSING MY NEW FIANCEE TO CRY! I almost punched the guy out, but he left the flowers on the steps and left! I THEN EMAILED TO CONFIRM MY REFUND AND THIS COMPANY REFUSED, SAYING THE FLOWERS WERE DELIVERED! They offered credits for future purchases! That's like getting food poison, having the waiter yell and curse at you, causing your fiancee to cry, and then saying, "But come back again and we can do business again!"

Seriously, my friends, I ask you to post on here and I will verify everything I just stated. Do not use this company as this is not the only company out there and plenty of others will give you good service without being cursed at on your special day!

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Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Delivery Service.

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