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Flowers were not delivered as promised. Agreed upon another date, but delivered them on a day recipient was out of town and left out for days.

Customer Service was horrible. Tried to give me a credit and could not use the credit on the website. Was given another site and the code would not take. Took 4 days of back of forth with wrong information and admitted they should of not given me the information.

Please do not ever use this service.

It is not worth your money, time, and aggravation. Poor quality, customer service, lack of understanding, and delivery dates not adhered to.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Arrangement.

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:( :cry :x :? :( :sigh

Did not receive flowers on time. Can not speak to anyone.

Just recording and I sent ema and phone message and still no response. Its the Worst service ever.,


It's becoming clear that this is standard operating procedure for Wesley Berry Flowers.

I also reported them to the Eastern Michigan BBB and encourage you to do so as well.

Make sure you make it clear to them that you want a "full" refund...NOT a refund for the "full product amount"

aunt fifi

Please contact the BBB and file a complaint to get your money back! Go online, it's a simple process.

Takes 30 or more days. Do not accept resolution until you see refund money in your account.

Take care.


Wesley Berry Flowers is a horrible flower shop with locations only in Michigan and he portrays his shops as nationwide and emplyees are treated just as bad as the poor customers....Store credits are a joke....Customer reps aren't allowed to tell you up front they are not in the city you want your flowers delivered too...There are whole towns out there that will not fill orders from Wesley Berry Flowers because he sells things on line with 20 dollar coupons then doesn't honor them...They also charge 15.99 to take your order not for delivery charge a handling charge yeah a charge to handle your wallet while you get robbed...And they are famous for their WOW FACTOR ....Wow I didn't order that...I would love to see this company exposed for all it's shady give flowers a bad name...BUYER BEWARE OF OWNER.......

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