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We ordered flowers to be delivered on 12-25-11. They guaranteed delivery on that day, and we paid $60.50 by our Discover Card.

The flowers were not delivered, but we received an email the next day stating they would continue to make every effort to deliver the flowers. The flowers were never delivered. When we received our Discover Card statement, it showed a credit on 12-27-11 in the amount of $39.95. We called Wesley Berry Flowers about 5 times to get the additional money owed to us for the non-delivered flowers.

We were finally be told by their supervisor "Josh" that the $20.55 was not refundable as that charge was for trying so hard to deliver the flowers. (no attempt was made to physically deliver the flowers, they tried to find a local florist to deliver them) We received NO SERVCE from this company and were charged $20.55 for it. It is shocking to us that this company has been in business since 1946.

We feel that it is only fair and reasonable since there was no delivery of flowers that we receive a full refund ASAP. Thank You for your attention to this matter.

Review about: Wesley Berry Flowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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It is always wise to go to your local florist or order on the internet directly with the local florist that will be delivering your flowers. no hidden costs, and they will be able to be honest enough to tell you if they can deliver your flowers on date requested, also think ahead and order your floral gifts early, before a major holiday.

Florist do their best, but they do have lives, and do enjoy the holdays with their own families.

Plan ahead, and don't believe what is promised from the order gathers that haven't seen or worked in a floral shop. They have no idea what the local florist has to do from the minute they get your order, to making it and then delivering it in a timely matter.


In reference to the complaint we posted about Westley Berry Flowers: We raised *** about this rip-off charge by 1) Disputing the charge with Discover Card 2) Leaving formal complaint w/ BBB 3) Leaving comment on pissedconsumer 4) Formal complaint w/ Federal Trade Commision. Low and behold!

Westley Berry Flowers decided to return the $20.50 that they previously refused to. My Goodness, Thank You so much W.B.Flowers, why couldn't you just do business in a decent manner and not charge the frigging non-refundable fee in the first place?

Anybody out there that has trouble w/ this place, first ask to talk to a "supervisor", be sure and get his name, then contact the BBB, Federal Trade Commission & everybdy else you can think of. GET YOUR MONEY BACK FROM THESE CROOKS!!!!!!


I got ripped off the same way by this company. All you can do is protest the charge with the company and see what happens. In the meantime you are doing your part to imform other poor suckers who attempt to buy flowers from them.

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