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I ordered flowers from what I thought was a florist in Whitehorse. I didnt realise till after I had paid that it was this american company. I thought ok well that was cool lets just assume that everything will be all good then, Next day .. the day of delivery, not delivered. I called my dad to hear a "oh thank you for the flowers" but instead had to ask him if he got any. of course he didnt. I called the customer service which i could only get a person on the phone if I pressed the prompts leading to a sale btw, and she said sorry a LOT and basically said I will get a phone call bet 9am and 7pm to resolve the issue. Im not into waiting another day...thanks. I enquired about a refund and she said the florist can discuss that. I said who is the florist and how can I contact them directly and she said she doesnt have that information. Just a big run around. I am definately calling my credit card company next to see if I can reverse the charge through them. Im guessing if I don't do that, i will never be compensated for the error. Heres the email i sent them and the response back. Dont ever order from this company. unreliable to say the least To do similar as possible to the arrangement you ordered.

My email:

Hi there,

I placed an order this evening, for product T119-1A. I am concerned by the 'substitution policy' for this particular bouquet? Can you assure me that what I saw online tonight and purchased was indeed the one being delivered? Also, I am unsure about the wheather in Whitehorse. Will the flowers be okay under a covered patio till the recipients get home?

Thanks in advance,



To do similar as possible to the arrangement you ordered.

Thank you,

Tambra MacDonald

Tambra MacDonaldCustomer ServiceWesley Berry Flowers Corporate OfficesOffice 248.668.2881 Fax 248.669.2454

WOW. that about sums them up. nice response you cheats

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